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The Ever-Creeping Nature of Global Authoritarianism

The Ever-Creeping Nature of Global Authoritarianism

The Ever-Creeping Nature of Authoritarianism

A system of authoritarianism can never just be imposed overnight. It requires a carefully planned and gradual introduction that never appears too radical or unnerving. The changes must meet the approval of the cautious masses who inhabit the centre of the political spectrum. Everyday folk must quietly acquiesce to the erosion of civil liberties and support the actions that strip their freedoms. Any pushback by the silent majority has the potential to throw authoritarian plans into disarray.  

For many years crazed conspiracy theorists foretold a day when the governments of the world would unite to lock their citizens in virtual prisons. Control would be complete and dissenters would be rounded up and removed from society. The hammer would drop. Nobody could explain how this would be achieved, but it seemed an external threat would be required to install authoritarianism across the globe. Fear is a powerful human emotion.  

The conspiracy fringes named this possibility the New World Order. The phrase seemed to appear everywhere, in newspaper headlines, the speeches of politicians of all party affiliation, and even popular culture. Order out Chaos was another widely circulated slogan that foretold a dramatic event followed by a reimagined reality. The conspiracy nutters imagined the pieces of a giant puzzle being assembled beyond our ability to witness and comprehend. 

There is much talk of vaccine passports. These simple documents or apps would allow the vaccinated to be distinguished from the unvaccinated and treated differently. Want to fly on a plane, show us your vaccination papers. Want to earn a living, show us your vaccination papers. Want to leave your house, show us your vaccination papers. Vaccine passports are tyranny disguised as medical safety. 

The irony of vaccine passports is that if a person is vaccinated, and the vaccine is effective, then a non-vaccinated person poses no threat. A vaccinated individual should be able to live a mask-free and fearless existence. They should be able to wander through an emergency ward and have no fear of infection. But official health organisations warn of lockdowns and disruptions lasting years to come. Fear has been pumped so thoroughly into living-rooms via the mainstream media that it will take years to dissipate, and vaccine passports are not the end goal.   

The vaccine passport opens the door to complete human control. The Chinese Communist Party has almost perfected a system of population control that allows a tiny corrupt elite to rule ruthlessly over a billion people. The surveillance state is ubiquitous. Every citizen is awarded a social credit score based on compliance levels. Dissenters are rounded up and simply disappear in the dead of night. What will happen to the citizens of ‘free’ western countries that refuse an experimental treatment for a virus with a statistically minuscule death rate? Will they be cancelled, denied freedom of movement, or re-educated in designated government camps? 

Of greater irony is that while the conspiracy loons are being proven correct, they are made to look even more ridiculous. There are no ‘gotcha’ moments. The New World Order is being ushered in right before our eyes by the World Economic Forum crowd, and the masses are none the wiser. They have been trained to believe the propaganda that arrives via the ‘news’. They have been weaponised to shriek at dissenters who dare to leave home without a face mask. The masses are anxious to queue for a ‘vaccine’ that has yet to be approved by the FDA. 

The masses have no interest in reading about the potential side effects, or the skipped animal trials, or the disastrous mRNA trials that did involve animals, or the long list of alarming ingredients. They want to embrace the New Normal, a world where all freedoms are decided by unelected ‘health officials’. 

Who could have imagined that tens of millions of healthy individuals would be confined to their homes, unable to exercise, visit family and friends, or walk in a park under threat of arrest? Who could have pictured a world where one needed permission to hug a fellow human being in public, where religious services were banned, where small businesses were forced out of existence but large retailers were deemed safe and essential?   

Every conspiracy investigator wants to be proven wrong. Nothing would bring them more joy than to discover the absence of sinister worldwide agendas. They might appear foolish in front of their friends for a while, and be treated like the boy who cried wolf, but this is preferable to a future of tyranny and authoritarianism. 

The stage is set. There are some hopeful signs of pushback against the complete erosion of freedom. Protests are being held across the globe. Some politicians are voicing their concerns. Will the radical Davos agenda succeed? Will we be forced to carry papers for the rest of our lives?  

The next six months may just define the future of life on earth.

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