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Beware the Heist of the Century

Beware the Heist of the Century

Beware the heist of the century Joe Biden

Can the Democrats smuggle Joe Biden into the White House?

Joe Biden is a senile 77-year-old man. He is often and easily confused. He loses his train of thought. He forgets his location. He tells long-winded stories that make no sense. He once introduced his best mate, Barack Obama as Barack America. Despite these and other overwhelming handicaps, Joe Biden is somehow weeks away from securing the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party. 

If nominated, the next challenge will be to smuggle Biden through an election campaign and into the highest office in the land. The current strategy is to keep the presumptive nominee locked in his basement where he conducts short online interviews. His answers to approved questions are kept very brief. Yet, even with strict parameters in place, Biden’s mind wanders and becomes muddled. 

The 2020 election campaign will be run very differently to years gone. With a global pandemic ravaging America, rallies may be banned, public appearances may be curtailed, and contact between candidates may be minimal. Three presidential debates are planned, but there are understandable rumblings from the Democrat side to reduce these even further. Biden minders  will do anything to protect their man from the relentless onslaught of President Trump. The incumbent is desperate to get his hands on Biden and expose his obvious short-comings like he famously did to Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton? 

The Democrat plan to sneak their compromised leader past scrutiny is a bold gambit. The whole charade could just collapse at almost any moment. They are, however, blessed with strong allies. The mainstream media, the masters of fake news, are so rattled by the Trump presidency that they will stoop to any depth to rid themselves of the hated one.

Creative editing will be employed. Questions will be soft-balled. Failings will be overlooked. No lie will be too grandiose. Seasoned veteran reporters like Mark Shields and David Brooks will stare directly into the camera and claim that Biden’s character is beyond reproach, despite the preponderance of youtube video compilations of him leaning all over young children, smelling their hair, and whispering strange innuendo-filled utterances in their ears.

The same journalists who stridently declared that all victims of sexual abuse by believed without condition will continue to hose down by such claims when levelled at Biden. The press will crawl on their bellies like vipers to get Biden elected. 

So, will this strategy work? Can the Biden faction fool the US public all the way to November? Will a hatred of Trump blind enough voters as to the incompetence of his rival?

Current polls have Biden leading comfortably, but Hillary was considered a 98% chance on election night 2016 by the same pollsters. Can Trump expose the lie of Biden’s sound mindedness in time? Will an inevitable medical assessment lead the Democrats to change candidates between now and November? Will his VP nominee stand up and run against Trump? Is Hillary Clinton plotting the unlikeliest of comebacks? Will the virus pass before election day? Will postal votes decide the outcome? Can postal votes be trusted? Can a senile old man, well past his use-by date be snuck into high office? Can such an audacious operation be conducted in the media age? 

Forget sports. 

Forget fiction. 

Politics is where the real action is currently at. 

G G Novack – Political Commentator

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