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The Insipid Self-Defeating Actions of Weak Men

The Insipid Self-Defeating Actions of Weak Men

The Insipid Self-Defeating Actions of Weak Men

We are surrounded by weak men. They have succumbed to the lie that masculinity is toxic. They have been beaten down and are fearful, anxious, and unsure of their place in the world.  

Weak men are easily identified. They relent, apologise, and backpedal at every opportunity. They lack the courage and conviction required to win. They lack the spirit for the fight.   

Weak men are routinely friend-zoned. They are viewed as safe and harmless. They hope to one day emerge from this wilderness by being nice, doing favours.   

Weak men chase women and become obsessed. They place women on a pedestal and worship them like goddesses. 

Weak men beg and plead for sex and consider it a favour when it arrives.

Weak men signal fake virtue hoping it will make them look good, fit in.  

Weak men are jealous and possessive. They are driven by feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.  

Weak men hound and harass women who are not interested. If someone does not reply to your message, take it as a no, and move on with your life. There really are plenty of fish in the sea. 

Weak men embarrass themselves in their pursuit of women. They enter adulthood believing themselves to be inferior and unworthy of female attention, so they chase relentlessly.

Weak men invent sneaky reasons to get a woman’s contact details and don’t take no for an answer. They are duplicitous and conniving. They chase, stalk, and harass. They are unable to accept that a relationship might be over and the time has come to move on. 

 It is time for a masculinity reset. Are you ready?

Jackson Byrne

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  • Thinking back, I saw a feminist/sexual assault rally at university, and looking at the guys who were there, it was clear they thought it was a good idea to join in and try to hook up with them through presenting as an ally. Just seeing that thought process was beyond creepy.

    • Standard beta male behaviour, trying to conceal intentions behind fake virtue.

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