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Alan Dershowitz – Scumbag of the Year Contender

Alan Dershowitz – Scumbag of the Year Contender

Alan Dershowitz - Scumbag of the Year Contender

Although the rolling disaster of 2020 is only partially completed, and competition for first-class unconscionable behaviour is fierce, Alan Dershowitz is positioning himself as a very strong contender for the prestigious Scumbag of the Year Award. 

Dershowitz is a special kind of filth. He is eloquent, intelligent, well-connected, and wealthy. He made his fortune teaching at Harvard Law School and acting as a criminal lawyer defending high profile clients such as O J Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Donald Trump. He possesses a unique ability to straddle seeming insurmountable ideological divides. 

Staunchly pro-Israel, he identifies as a left-leaning liberal. He was critical of the Obama administration for its less than lockstep support for Israeli settlement expansion on Palestinian territory. In 2002 Dershowitz advocated a new response to attacks on Israel that involved bulldozing any village that was thought to be a base for such attacks. He has long argued that international law was ‘absurd and counterproductive’ when it was clear that Israel had transgressed it. While maintaining such hawkish positions, Dershowitz also claims to be pro-Palestine. Go figure. 

Dershowitz shows his true colours when it comes to sex involving young girls. Since 1987 Dershowitz has written several opinion pieces that advocate the lowering of the age of female sexual consent. According to Dershowitz, the appropriate age should be either 15 or 16. 

Dershowitz was a close friend to Jeffrey Epstein, staying at his many properties, flying on his private planes, and regularly socialising with the disgraced, deceased child abuser and trafficker. Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre has signed sworn legal statements that claim she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz on numerous occasions. Giuffre was 17 at the time, safely above the age Dershowitz considers appropriate. The Dershowitz defense has been predictable, painting his accuser as a serial liar, attacking her credibility, and vehemently denying everything. He and Giuffre are currently suing each other for defamation. 

Giuffre has thus far proven a very reliable witness. She is resolute in her telling of events. She has signed many legal statements, won a settlement against Ghislaine Maxwell, and will not back down from her claims that she was groomed and molested by many high profile individuals. Her accusations against Prince Andrew, another contender for Scumbag of the Year, are becoming more credible by the day, with witnesses emerging to corroborate her version of events. The Prince has long gone to ground, hiding out in one of his mother’s palaces, failing to produce any evidence to refute the claims that he broke UK law.

Dershowitz has an uncanny ability to position himself at the centre of debates. Whether it be advocating for gun control, promoting forced, mandatory vaccines for all, supporting illegal Israeli military incursions, or lowering the age of legal consent, the scumbag has an uncanny ability to insert himself into almost any argument. As a Jew, he must be an expert on Israeli breaches of international law. As an advocate of sex with 15-year-old girls, he has a unique ability to defend those accused of pedophilia. As a lawyer familiar with the US constitution he must be an expert on gun control and forced vaccination. As a scumbag who mixes with some of the worst people ever to be charged with criminal offences, he feels at home consorting with the Epstein class of degenerate. His legal chicanery saw Epstein serve 18 months for crimes that should have resulted in decades behind bars. This short sentence allowed the wholesale abuse and trafficking of children to resume in earnest, exploiting hundreds more victims. 

The towering scumbaggery of Dershowitz is best summed with his legal argument that sex with 15-year-old girls is fine, although he would never do such a thing. He would, however, maintain long friendships with those that did, stay at their homes, and attend their parties, but any credible witness that accuses him of such violations must be a damn liar.

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