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Update from Australia – Ground Zero for the New World Order

Update from Australia – Ground Zero for the New World Order

Update from Australia - Ground Zero for the New World Order

The roll-out of the New World Order continues largely unchecked across much of the globe, but its epicentre appears to be focused on three locations – Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

In these once free democracies, civil liberties are all but gone, free of speech is now banned, freedom of movement and association no longer exist, surveillance is ubiquitous, troops patrol the streets, cities are locked down, curfews are imposed at night, and collaborators take great delight in snitching on anyone that might flout the endless list of illogical and contradictory rules. 

Unelected, unaccountable health officials have been promoted to God-like status. They collude and conspire with WHO funded, unelected, unaccountable think-tanks and institutes to produce secretive modelling to justify the imposition of tyranny. 

But why Australia? Why New Zealand? Our North American cousins would believe that Australia is on the chopping block because we gave away our guns following the Port Arthur shootings in 1996. They tend to think of Australia pre-1996 as modern day Texas, where every citizen is armed to the teeth. But the truth is that Australians never owned many guns. Farmers might have needed a bolt action rifle to deal with wild dogs or pigs, but gun ownership levels were minuscule compared to the US. 600,000 guns were reportedly handed over to the government during its buy-back scheme, but many of them old, rusty, and long out of use. They came largely from rural areas, and gun ownership rates have remained low ever since.   

So why is Australia bearing the brunt of the global New World Order tyranny? Are we too easy-going for our own good? Are we so docile and compliant that we would never take to the streets and demand change? Are we just not passionate enough to care about civil liberties and personal freedom? Are we too comfortable from years of successive economic growth to just absorb the punishment handed out? Or is it due to our colonial past, we are still subservient to the British crown, as are New Zealand and Canada? 

The answer to such complex matters is never singular. There are two glaring reasons for the harsh punishment meted out in the Antipodes. The first major factor is the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on Australia and New Zealand, which cannot be overstated. It is embarrassing how cheaply Australian politicians sold their souls to the CCP. It appears all state premiers are thus compromised. They take their orders from off-shore. 

Tiktok, a Chinese social media platform designed to steal the personal data of its users, recently donated $3 million to The Doherty Institute, the organisation responsible for Victorian health modelling. Other generous donations have flowed from Bill and Melinda Gates controlled entities. Politicians of all parties have taken far too many holidays in China, and been snapped with too many dubious officials at swanky restaurants. The subservience demonstrated to the CCP can lead to no other conclusion, Australian politicians are woefully compromised. Many don’t even attempt to hide it.

The CCP pioneered the brand of tyranny currently sweeping the globe. State surveillance is absolute. Dissent is not tolerated, and those that would speak out against the ruling class are routinely disappeared into mass concentration camps where they serve as slave labour for companies like Nike. On a worrisome note, two Australian states are currently constructing ‘quarantine camps’ equipped with thousands of beds. Who they are intended to house is not known. 

The Second Driving Factor

The second driving factor is the reluctance of Australians to roll up their sleeves and participate in “The world’s largest medical experiment,” to quote the unguarded words of the nation’s health minister Greg Hunt. While countries such as Israel, where cases are coincidently surging, have hit almost 80% of the population prepared to volunteer for science, in late August Australia languishes around the 30% mark. 

This is simply not good enough for the globalists, who have nefarious plans in mind and are desperate to spread their medicine far and wide. Significant pressure is being brought to bear on Australian leaders who respond with lockdowns and other tyranny. Australian leaders are doing almost everything within their power to get the population jabbed, and so far it’s not working. There have been reports of delayed drug shipments, and confusion about who could take which brand, but the numbers do not lie. New Zealand has similar rates to Australia, while Canadians were much more eager to roll the dice with over 60% jabbed. 

So those are the two main factors driving Australia toward dystopian, medical tyranny. Passports that allow the jabbed some of their freedom back are useless at 30% Such travesties only become viable when a majority has succumbed to the sales pitch. For anyone keen to conduct further research, countries to look at are Israel and Iceland at one end of the spectrum, and India at the other. You may be surprised at the differing outcomes achieved via differing approaches to preventing and treating a virus with a 99.98% survival rate for healthy people under 60.        

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