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Standing Up and Pushing Back

Standing Up and Pushing Back

Standing Up and Pushing Back

There comes a time when citizens of the world must begin standing up and pushing back against the unjustified intrusions on their liberties.

When Hitler sent his invading forces into Poland they carried sealed orders that were to be opened in the advent of strong resistance. The German military, however, met with almost no opposition and pushed across foreign soil unhindered. The orders that remained sealed and were never executed commanded the generals to retreat in the face of any defiance. Although the might of the German incursion was significant, Hitler’s early plans for world domination were contingent on unopposed victory. 

The same is largely true of any bully, thug, or tyrant. Their aggression is all front and often based on fear bordering on paranoia. Bullies look for weak targets and progress with their torment until resisted. The shy kid is pushed and does not push back. He is punched and still does not retaliate. And then he is beaten. If he pushes back early and shows any willingness to fight, the bully will generally look for an alternate target. 

The most extraordinary aspect of the current medical tyranny, tens of millions of Australians are locked in their homes because a handful of largely healthy individuals tested positive to a mostly mild virus, has been the complete lack of push-back. Australians are motivated by ‘doing the right thing’. As a rule, they don’t litter, wear seat-belts and bicycle helmets, wait for the little green man to flash when crossing the road, and comply with government directives like the wearing of masks. But there comes a time when the madness has to stop. Life cannot be a series of business-crushing, soul-destroying lockdowns. The state of South Australia has imposed a 2.5km travel limit on all citizens in response to less than 10 cases of COVID-19. Hospital wards are empty. Deaths below the age of 70 are non-existent. 

While the Australian population has proven extremely compliant with lockdown to date, obediently following social-distancing and face mask directives, they have been slow to volunteer for the ill-named COVID vaccines. While comparative nations such as the UK has seen vaccination rates well over 70%, the Australian uptake languishes with only about 12.5% of the population presently being fully jabbed. Fear of blood clots, particularly resulting from the AstraZeneca shot has made the nation hesitant to roll up its sleeve.

For state and federal leaders who are clearly following orders from globalist bodies such as the WHO and UN, this is cause for embarrassment. The current lockdowns and hysteria regarding the ‘Delta’ strain, which Brad Hazzard, a state health official laughably described as 1000 times more transmissible than previous strains, appear to be aimed at driving people to vaccination sites. 

With such a low percentage of adoption, the next phase of the global operation cannot proceed. Vaccine passports, already being implemented in France and the UK, only become viable when a sufficient proportion of the population has been jabbed. But will the Australian population finally stand up and fight back as the French are belatedly doing? Will Australia’s love of freedom trump relentless government coercion? Will the lockdowns lose their power as a means of control. Another New South Wales state health official Kerry Chant went on record to say that people were not permitted to speak with their neighbour, should they see them in a supermarket. The clip was spread across the globe making her an international laughing stock. How long can the manifest stupidity last? Will the bully be forced to retreat in the face of widespread resistance?

We live in hope. Rights that are taken away are rarely returned. Australian hospitals are empty. Nobody is dying. The vaccines are still in trial phases and have not suppressed case numbers in the UK or Israel. 

The current world is a crazy place right now. At some point, sanity must be restored. The bullies and would-be tyrants must be forced back and freedom returned. Livelihoods are disappearing and lives are being ruined for a narrative that makes no sense. 

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