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The Lies of Dr. Fauci Collapse Under Their Own Weight

The Lies of Dr. Fauci Collapse Under Their Own Weight

The Lies of Dr. Fauci Collapse Under Their Own Weight

The lies of Dr. Fauci have spectacularly unravelled by the most reliable method, his own words. Fauci’s demise as a trusted public figure has been caused by the release of thousands of emails wherein he blatantly contradicts his public proclamations regarding COVID-19.

The days of the once respected Dr. Fauci appear numbered. Firstly he was expertly trapped lying to congress – a federal crime – by Dr. Rand Paul about NIH funding gain of function research in Wuhan, and now the release of his emails paint him as a fraud guilty of crimes against humanity. The emails reveal that Fauci knew very early on that COVID-19 bears the characteristics of a manufactured virus, and that it most probably escaped from a Wuhan laboratory that happened to be enhancing mild viruses to make them more deadly. He also authorised payments to the Wuhan lab to fund their gain of function research, despite acknowledging the dangers posed to humanity and then lying about it later.  

Fauci also knew that store-bought face masks are ineffective in keeping out a virus. The virus particles are just too small to be captured by cheap mass-produced scraps of fabric. Despite this knowledge, Fauci would go on to demand masks be worn by all, including the vaccinated while outdoors, and not just a single mask, but several at the same time. Cheap masks shed microplastics into the lungs of the wearer. They become dirty and unhealthy. They are uncomfortable and require constant adjusting with potentially dirty hands. Masks are a bad idea, but the criminal Fauci continued to push their use. 

Fauci’s emails also reveal the most disturbing medical cover-up in recent history. Fauci and thousands of other doctors know that existing drugs are highly effective in combating SARS viruses, but their use was outlawed and in some cases criminalised. In Queensland Australia, in April 2020, a law was passed that would result in jail time for any doctor who prescribed Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19. Why would this safe drug be banned at the very beginning of the pandemic? Other effective treatments such as Ivermectin have been pushed aside while patients died. 

Why would health authorities ban effective treatments? The answer might lie in the much vaunted vaccines available which have not been APPROVED by the FDA. Trials continue, and all current vaccines have been AUTHORISED for emergency use. Emergency use approval can only occur when no effective treatments are available. This may explain the rush to demonise safe, cheap drugs that have proven to effectively treat COVID-19. 

So what happens now to Dr. Fauci, what will be the repercussions of his exposure. When Republican strategist Roger Stone was accused of lying to congress federal agents kicked his door in and dragged him off like a serious felon. Fauci should expect the same treatment right? We shall see. His crimes are now apparent. His deliberately bad advice led directly to people’s deaths. He funded the research that most probably created COVID-19. He lied daily while hiding behind ‘science and data’. Dr. Fauci should be locked away with co-conspirator Bill Gates. There should be no other conclusion to his disastrous career. 

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