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2020 – A Turning Point in History

2020 – A Turning Point in History

The Year of the Sheep

2020 appears likely to be recorded as a turning point in history. Humanity was faced with many challenges, most of them imagined or manufactured, and we were all played for suckers. Healthy people in the prime of their lives were confined to their homes like prisoners. Small businesses were forced shut, while the Walmarts and Amazons of the world flourished without competition. Cafes and restaurants were decimated. Face-masks were made mandatory without compelling health or scientific reasoning. Fraudulent US elections were held and certified by a group of corrupt and compromised politicians. Cities were burned and looted in ‘largely peaceful’ protests. The world went crazy. How did you cope with the madness of 2020?  

The Covid-19 marketing campaign will forever be remembered as the most successful in history. The advertising geniuses took an influenza with a SLIGHTLY higher death rate than the annual variety and sold it to the world as the next Spanish Flu. Numbers were fudged, death tolls exaggerated, panic was pumped into people’s living rooms, and it worked. Normally docile sheep were weaponised and began to spy on and harass their neighbours into compliance. Do-gooders snitched on anyone that dared defy draconian laws, resulting in fines and other unlawful punishments. Curfews were imposed because viruses are known to be more virulent after sunset. Shopping at large retailers was deemed safe. Shopping at small retailers was deemed dangerous. Attending church was also potentially fatal. Borders were closed, checkpoints established, and people were fined and/or arrested for being outside their ‘without a valid reason’. 

Experimental vaccines skipped animal testing and were produced in world record time. They are still yet to be approved by safety regulators, and are only being delivered on an ’emergency basis’. Safe, cheap, and effective drugs were inexplicably banned. Natural remedies such as Vitamin D and zinc were ignored and discredited by the propaganda department. Footage of crowded hospitals was recycled across the world, while dozens of amateur sleuths filmed the exact opposite, empty wards, deserted parking lots, and silent corridors. Security guards pushed the investigators out and their videos were deleted from you tube (deliberate misspelling). 

Dissenting doctors and epidemiologists were also censored and had their material deleted without warning or explanation. There was a single narrative and nothing was allowed to question or disprove it. Word did seep out to the hardiest of investigators, and it was passed around via handwritten notes among tight circles of heretics.  

The scary part of the whole exercise was the public’s wholesale embrace of the propaganda. Not only did the majority happily comply with ridiculous and contradictory government directives, but they shamed and attacked the dissenters. Fistfights broke out between maskers and those that prefer fresh air. The sheep were weaponised. Nobody was allowed to stray from the flock. Even when virus cases dropped to zero, new measures were implemented, and Joe Average signed up for more. ‘Trust the experts’ and ‘listen to the science’ were the catch-cries of the uniformed. Many doctors and scientists were remorselessly silenced by Big Tech. They were deleted and labelled ‘crazed conspiracy theorists.’ 

In Victoria Australia, legislation was passed that allowed anyone deemed to be a potential health risk to be detained indefinitely in an undisclosed location. The tactics of Communist China had arrived in a liberal western democracy. These laws were soon replicated in parts of Canada and New York. 

Protests were ruthlessly crushed, much to the glee of the weaponised sheep. Tens of millions of dollars in fines were distributed by energised police departments as they revelled in their almost limitless power. Human rights were swept aside by the ‘health emergency’. 

So where does this story end? Dear reader, the future is delicately balanced. Left-wing autocrats are intent on imposing a Great Reset on humanity. You will own nothing. You will take your government benefits. You will be a powerless minion. And you will be happy. The virus is the cover for a very sinister plot. Free-thinkers will be easily separated from the herd. Those that believe in liberty will soon face some very serious decisions unless a mass wake up occurs. 

As long as the populace keeps buying the prevailing narrative, the apex of the global pyramid will continue to impose its agenda. Civil disobedience is a powerful force. But the mainstream media continues its stranglehold on the public consciousness, and the sheep blindly follow and obey. They won’t question orders and directives, no matter how disproportionate they might appear. Domesticated sheep are docile animals. With no defence against predators, they rely on the protection of the flock. A scattered flock leaves any individual sheep susceptible to attack. So they bunch close and demand that others follow suit. Sheep have no leaders. Their priority is the adherence of all. They blindly follow the flock, because that is the safest option.

Fortunately, there also exists wolves and lions. They have never been part of any flock. They might thrive in the chaos that lies ahead.

The post-2020 world will be a very different place, of that we can be sure.   

Jackson Byrne – Editor at A Man’s Guide                

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