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Fury Vs Wilder 3 – The Blockbuster Heavyweight Showdown Nobody Wants

Fury Vs Wilder 3 – The Blockbuster Heavyweight Showdown Nobody Wants

Fury Vs Wilder 3 - The Blockbuster Heavyweight Showdown Nobody Wants

Fury vs Wilder 3 is official, with the fight set to take place on July 24 in Las Vegas, but it is a contest lacking a compelling narrative and any form of intrigue.  

Before Tyson Fury dispatched Deontay Wilder in their second bout, a contract was signed that allowed the loser the option of rematch within a set timeframe. This type of clause is standard for many high-profile bouts. It affords the beaten fighter the opportunity to avenge his defeat and guarantees another lucrative payday for all parties. In the case of Fury vs Wilder 3, the rematch is close to irrelevant. There is no unfinished business to attend to. Fans are indifferent and Fury was slated to fight Anthony Johnson in what promised to be a fight for the ages instead of this lame affair. Fury must touch gloves with the fake and beaten Wilder before the Johnson bout may be staged. 

Deontay Wilder is not a classic boxer. He does not look to accumulate points and win rounds. He is a knockout artist. He spends an entire bout looking for an opening for his thunderous right hand. When the opening materialises, he delivers the punch with precision and power. This approach saw Wilder build a fearsome reputation.

However, when Fury last faced Wilder, this strategy was completely dismantled. Fury denied Wilder the time and space required to locate the knockout opportunity. Fury rushed Wilder, hurried, backed him up, and poured relentless pressure in his direction. Wilder was flummoxed and impotent. Fury was fearless of the power opposite and thus it was evaporated.

Under the relentless Fury attack, Wilder fell to pieces. He landed almost no offense and was tossed around the ring like an amateur. He bled from the left ear, he wobbled and staggered, the whites of his eyes revealed a sense of panic, and he was dropped on multiple occasions. And that should have been the end of the rivalry. The Fury victory could not have been more comprehensive. But the rematch clause exists, and arbitrators have decided that Fury cannot move onto other opponents until it has been satisfied. 

How Will the Third Fight Play Out?

Unless Wilder can completely reimagine his career-long strategy, the third fight should be a copy of the second. Wilder will not be afforded the time and space to find his knockout blow. He will be harried and hassled and hammered with jabs. The fear once invoked by Wilder’s power no longer exists, and Fury should make short work of him. Wilder will be consigned to the second tier of heavyweight boxing and Fury will be free to pursue his mega fight with Anthony Joshua. This is the fight fans want to see. The all British affair will sell like fish and chips at the seaside and make multi-millionaires of everyone associated. 

But first Fury must honour the contract signed when Wilder was a viable contender. Fight lovers must tune in to ensure the script is followed. For Fury it is merely a stepping stone to the Johnson riches. For fans it is something of a bore. And for Wilder, another defeat will spell the end to his once fearsome mystique.

Official AMG prediction – Fury by KO within 4 rounds.   

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