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The Relentless Actions of Strong Men

The Relentless Actions of Strong Men

The Relentless Actions of Strong Men

Masculinity is under attack, but men should not retreat. For millennia we have been the defenders, the protectors, the architects, the inventors, and the providers. 

Strong men do not chase or worship women. Pursuing women is a pointless exercise that degrades standing and leads to a lifetime of subservience. All women have flaws and do not deserve to worshipped. 

Strong men have guiding principles that are non negotiable. They will not be swayed or convinced to sell their principles for any price. 

Strong men believe respect is earned. He will earn yours, and you will be required to earn his. 

Strong men are immune to criticism. They just don’t care about the opinions of weaker individuals. 

Strong men are adept in the arts of self-defence and self-reliance. Help is appreciated, but not required.    

Strong men stand up to bullies. Whether the bullying is directed toward them or others, strong men will not sit idle while it occurs. 

Strong men are comfortable alone. The flimsy validation of others is not required. 

Strong men know their rights. The power of government officials is limited in scope, and it is incumbent on all citizens to protect their rights and liberties.

The time for men to run and cower from the attacks on masculinity has passed. Right now the world desperately needs men of strength and conviction to stand up. Bullies masquerading as saviours are on the march. Masculinity is not toxic. Vigorous competition is essential. Hold the line.

Jackson Byrne

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