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Dating a Lobster in a Pool of Jellyfish – Has My Luck Finally Turned?

Dating a Lobster in a Pool of Jellyfish – Has My Luck Finally Turned?

Dating a Lobster in a Pool of Jellyfish - Has My Luck Finally Turned?

Dating is not an easy game, especially when the pool is populated with insipid male jellyfish and their devious female equivalent.   

Another Friday night date, the merry-go-round is making me dizzy. He arrived on time and politely introduced himself. His hands were slightly rough and he flashed an innocent smile. My heart might have skipped a little beat. 

Ushered to our table we started with drinks, at his insistence. Then he told me he was a Republican, just like that, and that the evening could go two ways, drinks and goodbye, or dinner and who knows? I ate seafood, he went for steak and fried potatoes. We swapped bites. He had impeccable table manners and didn’t speak with his mouth full. He waited politely for me to finish my thought and make my point.   

A shift has occurred. A craze is sweeping social media. Liberal, woke, feminists are fantasizing about hooking up with Trump supporters. I’m not making this up. This is all over Tiktok. My date confirmed that he is being stalked by such women and it freaks him out. Why? Women are complex creatures, we cannot resist the lure of the forbidden. If our parents warned us about a dangerous and wild neighbourhood boy, guess who we were sneaking out to meet when their backs were turned? We crave danger and excitement.   

After my last piece, I received much feedback from other women tired of dating insipid little yes-men. These half-men are boring and depressing. They stand for nothing and regurgitate the opinions of others. I described them as jellyfish, washing about with the tide, spineless, and without form. A lobster is a soft and vulnerable animal, but it grows a hard shell and a giant claw and fights to the death to defend its territory. A jellyfish floats around without direction.

My date ended with tiramisu. We swapped numbers, I held his rough hands one more time and we said goodnight. He was working in the morning, on a Saturday. 

To all the woke ladies with their overalls and bad tattoos, stay in your lane. You can have the insipid ones, the male ‘feminists’ who think jumping on liberal bandwagons is a sure way to get laid. The real men belong on the conservative side of the fence. Liberals deserve each other. They can make each other miserable. The yes-men have been trained to roll over and beg by trouser-wearing women. They both fight imaginary causes and invisible enemies. They know nothing of history. Reality is not their friend.  

I just want a happy, hard-working man who drives a pick-up, keeps dogs, owns land, and loves his mom. A lobster with a claw who stands his ground. A jellyfish, on the other hand, sneaks up while you’re swimming in the ocean. It is not invited to share your space. It glides in undetected, then wraps its tentacles around your exposed flesh and stings you. The burn lasts for days and cannot be cooled. Jellyfish are contemptible, without redemption, and hated by all. This is the order of the natural/dating world.  

To all the real men out there, hold the line. Steer clear of the harpies. They are desperate and confused and sad and misguided and unworthy and lacking in moral fiber. They will lead you on and drag you down. Let them swim with the jellyfish and get stung by the insipid ones. This is their dating destiny. They wanted a world filled with emasculated boys only to be disappointed at their creation. And now they know the truth, and they hate it with all their cold and empty hearts. 

“It’s hard to find a good man, but it’s good to find a hard one.” 

Mae West  

Liberty Girl – Dating Adventurist   

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