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Testosterone – Separating Truth from Myth

Testosterone – Separating Truth from Myth

Testosterone - The Myth Article

Testosterone is the hormone that makes us masculine. It regulates our weight, strength, intelligence, bone mass, fat distribution, sex drive, and sperm production. Men with low levels of this vital hormone are weaker, less confident, less assertive, and carry excess, unsightly fat around their hips, thighs, and chest, and struggle to maintain a solid erection. Testosterone peaks when a man is around twenty, and slowly declines with age. If you think you might be running low, get yourself tested today.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is extremely popular among successful men, normally in their 40s and 50s, who wish to fight against the dying of the night. Its effects are dramatic. There was a window during which UFC fighters were allowed TRT before it was banned in 2014, and the differences in fighters such as Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson was remarkable, both in their performances and physical appearance.

There are a variety of ways for healthy men to naturally increase and/or maintain their testosterone levels. Here are the top ways to keep your testosterone levels high.

  • Sleep – Get 8 hours per night, every night.
  • Stress – Cortisol – the stress hormone, is testosterone‚Äôs enemy number 1. Stay calm, exercise, meditate if you need to.
  • Sunlight – Vitamin D is essential to testosterone production. Get a dose of sunlight every day whenever possible.
  • Diet – The following foodstuffs are bad for testosterone.
  • Anything containing soy – avoid this junk like the plague. Too much beer. Bad Fats. Certain factory farmed meat such as chicken. Factory farmed dairy. Eat organic meat and dairy only.
  • The following foods are good for testosterone production.
  • Green vegetables. Good fats such as olive oil, nuts, organic butter, avocados, eggs, and organic meat – especially grass-fed beef.

There are loud shrill voices that will paint testosterone as some sort of villain, a silent killer. This is completely false, and to pretend otherwise, and tiptoe around this topic does men everywhere a gross disservice. Look around. Do you see a spread of weak, chubby, spineless, chinless, emasculated men, waddling about with girly hips and weak opinions, acquiescing to the prevailing anti-masculine rhetoric, wearing pink caps and ribbons on all the right days, apologising for being, gasp… a male, for having testosterone pumping through their veins?

We see this trend. We hate it. We will fight it.

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