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The Fear Of Freedom and the Desire for Government Control

The Fear Of Freedom and the Desire for Government Control

The Fear Of Freedom and the Desire for Government Control

As the pandemic narrative continues to crumble – inaccurate PCR tests, unreliable vaccines that don’t prevent apparent infection or transmission, extremely low death rates among all healthy populations, the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and so on – it’s startling to see the response of the easily manipulated masses. We live alongside people want to be controlled and manipulated. The prospect of freedom fills them with nameless dread.  

There are people across the free world who are currently wracked with anxiety because the state no longer compels them to wear a face mask at all times. These fragile folk have come to love the flimsy scrap of fabric that does not prevent the transmission of respiratory diseases and contains harmful microplastics and chemicals. Wearing a mask imbues their lives with meaning and purpose and its removal robs them of an opportunity to display fake virtue to the world. Many are resorting to ‘I got vaccinated’ stickers, clothing, and jewellery as a substitute means of broadcasting their moral superiority. 

How did we create societies of individuals that hate freedom, that only feel secure when the bureaucratic institutions are instructing them how to live every aspect of their lives? What happened to self-reliance, self-determination, and self-responsibility? The government is not responsible for the health of its citizens. Healthy eating and exercise cannot be regulated, imposed by fiat. Smoking can be discouraged, moderate drug usage can be suggested, but a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice. The obese are not confined to military-run boot camps and forced across obstacle courses until they achieve a normal BMI.  

The pandemic should have been managed with a series of government suggestions. You are free to do as you see fit, as per the bedrock of western society, but if you’re worried about someone sneezing while inside an elevator, wear a face covering. If you’re old and suffer from diabetes, you might wish to self-isolate for a while. If you’re worried about your elderly parents, don’t visit them if you are unwell.

A huge portion of the population has now become addicted to complete government control. They demand more. They want to be locked inside, they welcome rules and intrusions, and they rejoice at the suspension of their civil liberties. This insipid crowd want every aspect of their life to be regulated by faceless civil servants relying on imaginary modelling and non-existent data. 

Some people just hate freedom. It scares them. They cannot bear to be alone. They need a higher authority telling them what to do, how to live. They crave the moral joys of following the laws more diligently than their neighbours. They relish the opportunity to play amateur detective, to shame and report anyone who does not comply. This gives their life purpose and meaning. The emergence of a sad and spineless sub-group that blindly follow laws regardless of how ridiculous or contradictory they may be, are the reason why the West is in decline, determined to self-sabotage itself into oblivion. 

Give me liberty or give me death.  

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