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The Questionable Veracity and Independence of Dr Fauci

The Questionable Veracity and Independence of Dr Fauci

The Veracity and Independence of the TV Expert - Fauci

Experts, professionals, and academics in white coats abound during these uncertain times. They are on hand to break down complex matters for public digestion. All are convinced of their information. It is assumed they studied at the right institutions, have been rigorously reviewed by their peers, and emerged at the top of their field to become impartial arbiters motivated by the public good. 

Experts are on hand to inform us of the dangers that allegedly threaten the planet. They trade in fear and complexity. Both are almost impossible to refute. A scared and confused individual is incapable of rational thought. It’s much easier to blindly believe the scientist in the white coat then question their argument and refute their hypothesis.   

In an ever-changing environment, there are bound to be shifts in opinion. Confusion erupts when opposing information is presented within a short time space. Face masks either do not prevent the spread of deadly viruses and should only be worn by health professionals. Or they are life-savers and should be worn mandatorily. It’s hard to imagine how science has changed its mind within a few short months. Virus particles are much smaller than the breathing holes in face masks, so it would make sense that they offer little protection. However, they are now compulsory in many cities, and in Melbourne, non-wearers are being slapped with fines by police officers and military personnel. 

The foremost expert of the current age is Dr. Fauci, the long-serving head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Together with former Jeffrey Epstein confidant Bill Gates, Fauci has led the information fight against the pandemic. His opinions are widely believed, he is invited to pitch baseballs at opening games, and the anti-Trump brigades have warmed to his many disagreements with the president.

Fauci is no mere public servant though, he is also overseeing COVID-19 vaccine trials for Moderna, a 30 billion dollar pharmaceutical company. He’s a career-long advocate of mandatory vaccination, having worked closely with Gates to influence public perception about the importance of compulsory medication. This conflict of interest compromises everything that Fauci has to say. Every utterance about ‘new normals’ and virus medications must be carefully weighed with his corporate connections. 

Fauci also has a very strange, almost clairvoyant-like ability to predict the future. In January 2017 Fauci said that “there is no doubt that Donald J Trump will be confronted by a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.” How would anyone have known that three years later a global pandemic would hit? These are not annual occurrences. So a public health official, who provides advice to the US government and, by extension, the world, has strong ties to a major producer of vaccines. He somehow predicted that a surprise infection would hit and the world’s population would urgently require a vaccine to survive. 

Are these independent experts to be believed? Are they even independent, or do they speak from the hip pocket? Are they owned by powerful interest groups like big pharma, the largest Washington lobbyist by some considerable margin? Are face masks a good idea? Will a vaccine even work? Vaccines for the normal flu have been unable to eradicate that annual ailment. How are experts vetted? How do they end up on national television? Is this process transparent? What happens to doctors with opposing views? They post their findings on platforms such as Youtube, only to see them censored and deleted. They are not invited to discuss their opinions by the mainstream media. The official narrative is carefully controlled, and the public is expected to blindly follow the experts. 

Blind adherence is dangerous. 

Question everything. 

Think for yourself.            

Jackson Byrne

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