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Behold the Greatest PR Campaign Ever Assembled – COVID-19

Behold the Greatest PR Campaign Ever Assembled – COVID-19

Behold the Greatest PR Campaign Ever Assembled - COVID-19

Those with our eyes open are witnessing the greatest PR stunt ever conceived, the promotion of COVID-19.

The word of Public Relations is a murky realm populated by professional liars. Its ranks are filled with many mediocre writers, failed novelists, wanna-be syndicated columnists, and creative writing graduates who understand that a verb is a doing word and a noun a naming word. These hacks are paid to produce hyperbole, it is their only tool. If a PR employee is writing about a car, it just happens to be the safest and most fuel-efficient vehicle ever produced. If they are promoting a running shoe, it is the greatest piece of footwear ever manufactured. If they are describing a comedic musical, the audience is guaranteed to split their sides with laughter. This is the ugly world of PR. 

COVID-19 is an influenza variety that almost certainly escaped from a Wuhan laboratory where it was enhanced via gain of function research funded by serial liar and conman Dr. Anthony Fauci. Most cases of COVID-19 are extremely mild, just like the regular flu. If the sufferer happens to be obese, vitamin D deficient, and suffering from several comorbidities, COVID-19 may prove fatal, just like the regular annual flu. Children are almost immune to the effects of COVID-19, and cases of healthy individuals under 60 dying are extremely rare. But, we have just witnessed the greatest PR campaign ever constructed, courtesy of the WHO and other corrupt international bodies that have nefarious agendas in mind. 

How The COVID-19 PR Campaign Works

The secret to the COVID-19 campaign is the way it tapped into our most emotion – fear. Healthy folks across the globe are engulfed with panic at the prospect of acquiring a mild flu. The fear has been built by claiming that in a faraway place – India, Brazil, or Russia maybe, hundreds of thousands of people are dying from COVID-19. News bulletins are filled with images of graveyards, funeral pyres, body bags stacked up to the ceiling, desperate hospital staff overrun with cases. There is no way to verify these images, they are shocking, and those that still believe the mainstream media are deceived by them. The fear takes hold, and healthy individuals beg to be locked in their homes, forced to wear face masks, and have their civil liberties revoked. 

When speaking to an individual afflicted with COVID-19 hysteria, they will scoff at any suggestion that the world is not experiencing a deadly pandemic. They will be unaware that the annual flu kills millions every year, and that the average age of COVID death in most countries is directly in line with average life expectancies. In Australia, the average COVID-19 death is aged 82, and the average life expectancy is 83, hardly cause for panic among healthy young individuals. The hysterical believer will also be unaware that most deaths are WITH the virus and not necessarily FROM the virus.

So does one perpetuate the greatest lie ever sold? Does it take a conspiracy of hundreds of thousands? No. All it takes is a daily number to appear on television sets. ‘Today (insert number) people caught or died from COVID-19’. Stock footage of a busy hospital is added, imagery from the overcrowded mortuary in some far-flung land, and away you go. Doctors and nurses who attempt to expose the truth are silenced, their YouTube pages are censored and deleted. They are not invited to speak on the six o’clock news, and the ruse is complete. Unseen health advisors, all connected to the WHO and Bill Gates, a prolific vaccine investor and former close associate of the late Jeffrey Epstein, instruct government ministers to lockdown their populations.

So the world is locked down. Healthy people are barred from living their lives. Businesses are ruined. Children are denied an education. Collective mental health deteriorates. Anxiety and depression rates skyrocket. Suicides increase. Travel is banned. And behind the scenes, the PR machine cranks along. Terrifying new variants are invented. New hotspots erupt. Third, fourth, and fifth waves engulf other places and populations. Fear is generated in industrial quantities. Perfectly healthy individuals queue for hours to be tested for a virus that they clearly do not have so that governments may use false-positive PCR results to further lock them down. 

This is the madness of our times. We are swimming in lies and hyperbole. COVID-19 cannot be a mild ailment, just like the comedic musical cannot be somewhat amusing. It must be a relentless killer that strikes people down in the streets. The PR hacks posing as journalists churn out their fantastical narratives and the public is deceived. 

COVID-19 is a slight variation of the annual flu. Most cars are reasonable to drive. A new pair of running shoes will not change your life. Most of life is lived in the grey zone reaching neither the towering peaks nor plunging depths, unless you work in PR, then everything is the biggest, the best, the shiniest, the deadliest, the most impressive, the most life-changing and earth-shattering.      

G G Novack – University Drop Out              

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