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Build Back Better – What Does This Suddenly Ubiquitous Slogan Mean

Build Back Better – What Does This Suddenly Ubiquitous Slogan Mean

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World leaders from all political parties have all found themselves a new slogan – Build Back Better. What does it mean? Who coined the phrase? Are you ready for the next chapter of human history? 

The World Economic Forum sounds like a dull group. The name conjures images of accountants and economists discussing the inherent dangers of deflation and stagflation for hours on end. The forum’s official purpose is to “engage the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Membership costs between $62,000 and $620,000 annually based on the desired level of commitment. The group meets annually in Davos, Switzerland. The attendees are VERY carefully selected. A mere billionaire would struggle to gain admission unless he/she was something more than simply wealthy. Greta Thunberg has been a welcome guest in years past and rapt adults hung on her every juvenile word. The message of her handlers fits neatly with the Davos agenda.   

The Davos Group is working on a little project they like to call The Great Reset. This is the official titled agenda for the 2021 event. Using the COVID disruption to our lives, they are proposing their version of utopia. In catchy videos, we are informed that by 2030 will have no possession, no debt, and no privacy. We will rent everything. Drones will deliver our requests. We will presumably have a digital currency controlled by a central bank and a social ranking score. We will silently accept our vaccines. And we will be happy. If this makes you impatient for the future, fear not, 2021 will see some major changes to global power structures.  

Conspiracy theorists are a hardy lot. For years they have warned about diabolical plots and schemes that were just over the horizon. Humans would be rendered little more than cattle – docile, owned, oblivious to what was occurring beyond our paddock. Others predict a Hunger Games world, a tiny effete elite separated from the dirty populace by large electrified walls. 

Like a doomsday cult leader that predicts the end of the world, those that hold such beliefs look increasingly foolish when no such scenario eventuates. The sun rises, life goes on, and normal folk watch mainstream news and believe what they are told. Incremental changes do gently erode our liberties, but without a major event, an asteroid, or Ronald Reagan style alien invasion, these changes are largely imperceptible.

Then 2020 came along. We are no longer living in normal times. Free and healthy individuals are confined to their homes for months on end in the name of eradicating a virus with a minuscule death rate. Children are banned from attending schools. Small businesses are forced to close while the Amazons of the world tighten their vice-like grip on all commerce. State and international borders have been closed and curfews imposed. Industrial levels of fear have been pumped into living rooms across the globe. Horror stories of mounting death tolls in far off lands have been enough to ensure almost full citizen compliance. Dissenting voices have been crushed. Social media has flexed its censorship muscles. Protestors have been beaten, rounded up, and slapped with huge fines.

The Great Reset appears to be a well-prepared initiative. It has the support of intellectual luminaries such as Prince Charles, a do-nothing heir to an obsolete throne who talks to trees. Build Back Better is Joe Biden’s official campaign slogan. The phrase conjures images of devastation, like a house that has been demolished by an extreme weather event. I’m not just going to build it back mate, I’m going to build it back better with an extra bathroom and double garage. 

So is COVID the extreme event the globalist elites have been waiting for? Will it be used to crash the world economy, reduce fiat currencies to worthless paper, and make all citizens dependent on government handouts to survive? Only the naïve would assume select groups are not working to capitalise on this crisis/opportunity. As seen by COVID compliance, many citizens will embrace the simple life of a cow, they seem like carefree creatures. They eat grass. Life is uncomplicated. 

There are many in elite circles that speak openly of drastically reducing the planet’s population. A massive cull. This fuels much of the Climate Change movement. So perhaps only a select few cows will make it to the promised pastures. Perhaps the next pandemic will be the real-deal. In the meantime, let’s be suspicious of attempts to radically redesign our world. We can be sure that a free-thinking class is something of an annoyance to the Davos crowd. 

Now is the time to hold the line. We must demand all of our freedoms are returned in a short time lest we be played for suckers by the powers that be. Cancelled student loans, universal basic income, and other friendly-sounding promises may seem enticing but they would appear to be the building blocks of a society that will reduce us silent, compliant, obedient consumers.          

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