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Shouldering Responsibility for Our Health During a Crisis

Shouldering Responsibility for Our Health During a Crisis

Shouldering Responsibility for Our Health During a Crisis

What level of responsibility do we have for our own health?

At a time when tens of thousands of people are apparently dying from a mild virus, it might be time to assess how effectively we are managing our physical well-being. How are we caring for our bodies? Are we overlooking basic actions that might significantly improve our health outcomes? Perhaps lockdown conditions have led us to make poor choices that might leave us vulnerable to attack.  

Below are some golden rules that will boost any immune system.  

Health Vitamin D
Vitamin D | Source: Death To Stock

Vitamin D

Get a dose of this vital vitamin every day. Stand in the morning sun for several minutes whenever it shines upon you. During winter when sunlight is not readily available, supplement. This is non-negotiable. Think of Vitamin D as a powerful force that protects us from a vast range of ailments. The benefits are simply too many to list. There is growing medical thought that people with darker skin who live in colder climates and are therefore more likely to be vitamin D deficient are significantly more susceptible to death via influenza.

Residents of Sweden on the other hand, who are among the most sunlight-deprived people on earth, but routinely supplement, possibly enjoyed greater protection from the current pandemic. Vitamin D deficiency can be a life or death matter.  

Health Anti-Inflammatories
Anti-Inflammatories | Source: Death To Stock


Inflammation is one of the body’s greatest enemies. Its causes are plentiful, including bad diet, poor lifestyle choices, and injury. Anything that reduces inflammation will have a noticeable impact on our wellbeing. COVID-19 is known to produce a hyper-inflammatory response in some sufferers. Readily available anti-inflammatories include turmeric, spinach, and CBD oil. Take these daily. 

Health Exercise
Exercise | Source: Death To Stock


While vigorous daily exercise is essential to good health, recent government-imposed lockdowns have made it increasingly difficult to meet this goal. While this situation continues, walking becomes our best option. Even the most restrictive of regimes still allow it. Walk long and hard every day. Elevate your heart-rate, fill your lungs with fresh air, and avoid sliding into early morbidity. 

Vitamin C

The health benefits of vitamin C are well established. It aids the absorption of iron and the creation of collagen, hastens the healing process and is vital to healthy bones and teeth. A great source is kiwifruit. Eat at least one kiwi every day to keep your levels high. Vitamin C is also not readily stored by the body, so daily doses are required.   

Health Human Interaction

Human Interaction

Humans are herd animals. We derive pleasure, meaning, and fulfillment from close interpersonal contact. While government lockdown experiments continue, we are all being deprived of this essential life force. The wearing of face-masks and enforcement of social distancing only serve to exacerbate the problem. Be sure not to isolate yourself while the madness continues.    

Remarkably, not more has been said about the simple methods individuals can implement to fortify their natural immunity. Many pandemic-related government measures seem strangely contrary to public health.  

Let us not forget that sick people represent customers, dollar signs, to large pharmaceutical companies. These corporations also happen to be among the largest political donors, dishing money to all sides of every debate to ensure their interests are continually met. 

It’s time to fight back. 

Pay them nothing. 

Take care of yourself. 

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