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Pastor Artur Pawlowski – An Accidental Hero For Our Troubled Times

Pastor Artur Pawlowski – An Accidental Hero For Our Troubled Times

Pastor Artur Pawlowski - A Hero for Our Troubled Times

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski is the hero needed during the strange and troubling times that envelope us. His story has not been reported by the mainstream media, who have masters to serve and approved narratives to propagate. 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested by a Canadian SWAT team on a busy highway in Alberta on May 8. Traffic was stopped, he was forced to kneel in the middle of the road, before being cuffed and hauled away like a violent criminal. His ‘crime’ was inciting a church service as though it were a dangerous gathering. This is the madness that the world currently faces. 

Pastor Pawlowski grew up in Poland and has experience dealing with the evil of authoritarian regimes. Such governments demand complete control over the lives of their citizens and allow no room for dissent. Compliance is enforced via heavy-handed goons who are ‘just following orders’, a defence that crumbled like cheap, sandy cement at the Nuremberg Trials. 

The Pastor has been a thorn in the side of Albertan authorities for some time. He has refused to halt his weekly church service in defiance of draconian lockdown ‘laws’ that prohibit such gatherings. The Pastor answers to a higher authority, and will not yield to the state’s intimidation. He has thrown dozens of police officers from his church with the power of his voice. Legal notices are refused and directed toward his lawyer, and once the intruders have retreated, the service is resumed. This fearless refusal to follow ridiculous and contradictory laws is what led to the Pastor’s dramatic highway arrest. 

When governments cross the line it is incumbent on the citizenry to resist. We should not comply with directives that allow shoppers to gather in huge retail outlets while church services are banned. This is illogical and our compliance only emboldens the burning desire of power-drunk leaders to impose further measures. Many democratic leaders are driven by a pathological desire for tyranny and control. The state knows best. You will remain indoors when it says so. You will wear masks while outdoors and may travel to only designated locations. These are the directives of totalitarians that have no place in a free society. Small acts of defiance are required to halt the march of such tyranny. 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, not the first Canadian church leader arrested in recent months, will fight the charges brought against him. He is a man on a mission. He is the accidental hero of our troubled times. His bravery in the face of overwhelming state force should inspire us to follow suit. Ridiculous laws need to be disobeyed. They make a fool out of those that comply and encourage lawmakers to press further with their nefarious agendas. 

A defence fund has been established to help with Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s legal fees. If you lack the courage to stare down the heavy hand of the law yourself, contribute toward his cause. It is a good one. History is on his side.  

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