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Behold the Heist of the Century – Smuggling Joe Biden Into the White House

Behold the Heist of the Century – Smuggling Joe Biden Into the White House

Well folks, let’s take a moment to comprehend the 2020 election heist that sees Joe Biden currently occupying the White House. Political punditry is not for the faint of heart. When you’re right you’re right. And when you’re wrong you should stand up and publicly own your mistake. Such lessons were taught to young men in eras past. They were schooled on the power of conviction and principle. These pillars of character were non-negotiable. They were set in stone, and to hell with the consequences. In this case, my predictions were right about the ambition of the heist, but wrong in the possibility that it could be accomplished. We underestimated the scope of the conspiracy and the depth of a swamp, a mistake not likely to be repeated.   

The 2020 election was an event without historic parallel. Your correspondent followed it in unhealthy forensic detail. Sure, elections have been stolen in the past. JFK used mafia connections to steal his way into office. But Joe Biden is not JFK. While Kennedy was a gifted orator who served his country in wartime, commanded respect, and went on to make decisions that literally saved the planet from nuclear annihilation, Biden is a hollow shell of a man. He has made a career out of political corruption and elevated the artform to new heights.

In his heyday, when his mental facilities were still intact, Biden used an arrogant intelligence to spar with fellow lawmakers. He sat on committees and played the political game. However, Biden was not a man of action and his list of achievements from a 47 year political career could be written on the back of a postage stamp. He did support legislation that saw black Americans incarcerated for longer periods, and was an author of the despised Patriot Act. But mostly Biden sold access to the highest bidder, often enemies of America, and used his drug-addled, sexually perverted son as his unreliable bagman. Joe was the ‘big guy’, who was entitled to a piece of everything Hunter raked in, be it Chinese investments in phoney hedge funds or recurring payments from Ukrainian energy companies. 

Biden ran for president thrice. The first two attempts were derailed by his lack of charisma and propensity to plagiarize the works of smarter minds. His career should have peaked when he served as VP to Barack Obama for eight long years. This proximity to power was leveraged to full effect, and the Biden family raked in hundreds of millions in illicit funds. This graft was unabashed. The Bidens traversed the globe in Air Force 2 and cut deals with shady characters willing to pay for high-level government access. 

As VP Biden was like an embarrassing old uncle, slow of mind, extremely prone to gaffes, but Obama kept him around despite remarking candidly, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” Biden must have had some unseen utility. Apparently he had a knack for crafting unlikely deals between political factions, and some voters responded to his folksy manner on the campaign trail. 

Obama rudely shunned his former VP and supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contests leading up to the 2016 election. That should have been the end of the road for old Joe. He had amassed a string of mansions, had grandkids to enjoy, and should have slid quietly from public view.   

But Joe Biden had one last hurrah buried in his creaky bones. Despite suffering a noticeable and alarming cognitive decline, he summoned his dwindling reserves and ran again for the highest office in the land. His early primary results were dire, and it looked again like Biden would be remembered as the weird old guy that always came up short. But, dear reader, are you under the assumption that elections cannot be rigged, because they can, and Biden miraculously clinched the nomination after a series of unlikely primary victories. His rivals were also quietly forced from the race, by some kind of threat or inducement, presumably.

The 2020 presidential campaign was a Biden non-event. He barely left his basement, spoke to crowds no larger than 50, and got a free pass from the mainstream media who edited his brain fades from existence. Biden read answers to pre-approved questions in cringy ‘interviews’. In several moments of dementia clarity he advised that he had assembled the most inclusive voter fraud organisation ever assembled, and that he didn’t need the help of voters to get elected, he just needed their support once he got there. Those are direct quotes. Look them up.

The mainstream media played their role and expertly buried stories of debauchery and corruption emanating from his son’s abandoned laptops. The contents would have any average citizen breaking rocks in a chain gang, but the FBI sat on the evidence, the media called the story Russian disinformation, 50 former intelligence operatives signed a letter to support this lie, and the story evaporated. Images from the laptop are freely available online if one cares to look, and it’s clear Hunter Biden is a reprehensible individual. 

November 3 rolled around and a tsunami of electoral fraud swept Biden to victory. Counting was simultaneously suspended in six key states in the small hours of the morning when Trump commanded election winning leads. Boxes of fraudulent Biden-only ballots were delivered, crammed into counting machines, and then whisked from prying eyes. The FBI sat on its hands as it does. The courts offered no avenue for redress. And that is how a corrupt dementia patient became president of the USA. His reign will be a brief and torturous affair. We can expect the 25th Amendment to be invoked within the year. The media have already embarrassed themselves, comparing his phoney, hollow, empty inauguration to great historical moments. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a long-lasting ailment. 

But respect must be given where it is due. The Democratic Party just pulled off the heist of the century. We witnessed it with our own eyes. Nothing will ever compare to a crime of this scope and complexity. White collar criminals of the world, raise your glass to the true masters of the game. 

And a lesson for us all – never presume that a swamp is a shallow body of water.  

G G Novack – Political Pundit, Heist Investigator       

Update: For the nonbelievers Time Magazine published an extensive expose of the conspiracy to steal the 2020 election on Feb 4, 2021. It outlines the vast cabal that assembled to ‘fortify’ the outcome. Just like a robber uses a gun, balaclava, and get-away car to ‘fortify’ a bank. This extraordinary article confirms my work detailing the Heist of the Century. You read it here first.

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