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The Joe Biden Heist Enters the Final Phase – Outright Fraud

The Joe Biden Heist Enters the Final Phase – Outright Fraud

The Joe Biden Heist Enters the Final Phase - Outright Fraud

The audacious heist to smuggle the frail, cognitively challenged, compromised, possibly treasonous candidate into the White House is still on.

Joe Biden spent the majority of the campaign holed up in his basement unable to interact with the press or public. When he did emerge it was to address crowds of less than 100 unenthusiastic supporters. Much of what he said made no sense. He created new words, and seemed to momentarily confuse his granddaughter for his dead son Beau. It was always going to take some bold moves to get him ‘elected’. And the moves were bold folks. Next level bold. 

Firstly we need to establish that Trump is a fighter. He identifies as the outsider hated by the establishment, and this is largely true. Approximately 90% of all Trump press coverage is negative. He is criticized for every single thing he does, be it playing golf on the weekend, driving past supporters to wave and smile, or standing on a balcony. This media coverage has created the TDS phenomena, which causes people to hate an American president with a vengeance that should be reserved for serial killers maybe?

Normal, otherwise sane folk will suddenly begin shouting with anti-Trump vitriol that simply makes no sense. They will call him a racist, a sexist, and a monster who locks children in cages at the US border. They will say he told people to drink bleach, which is also false, but other than that there are no real criticisms that make sense. Anyway, it appears Trump is not going down without a fight.      

Secondly, we need to remind the world that Al Gore was president-elect for 37 days. Does anyone remember how the Gore presidency unfolded? Right. It did not happen.  

Thirdly we need to investigate the vast body of emerging evidence that election fraud may have decided the 2020 race. While there is fraud and foreign interference in every election, it is normally low-level shenanigans that does not deliver an overall outcome. Cities like Chicago, where entrenched political factions have ruled for too long continuously, are infamous for their fraudulent ways. Politics everywhere is a dirty game, but there are still hotspots where it is especially rampant.   

How the Alleged Fraud was Perpetrated

In a moment of unprecedented political honesty, Joe Biden informed the world that he had “put together the most extensive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics.” Was this a gaffe?  

The 2020 election contains possibly hundreds of thousands of votes by dead people. Approximately 10,000 have been located in Michigan alone. Now, if the dead were to choose a candidate, it is safe to assume they would support the cadaverous Joe Biden over Trump, who recently cheated death with his miraculous COVID recovery. This type of fraud is a time-honoured tradition. An individual dies, their name is not removed from the electoral roll, and someone continues to vote using their name. It gets a little ridiculous after a while, and some of the 2020 dead voters were born over 120 years ago. This type of fraud is quite easily detected.  

The game-changing 2020 fraud seems to involve huge volumes of mysterious ballots arriving at the small hours of November 4, which were almost 100% Biden. These ballots landed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, all at the dead of night, while Trump held comfortable leads. Numerous witnesses have spoken of vans arriving at 3am and unloading hundreds of thousands of Biden votes. Huge spikes can be seen on counting graphs, and these statistics seem to violate Benford’s Law of Anomalous Numbers. We can be sure these unholy spikes are being closely monitored. These mystery ballots also drive unbelievable voter turn-outs in the affected states. In Wisconsin, voting rates leapt from approximately 60% in previous elections to 89% in 2020 for no apparent reason.  

There were also numerous ‘software glitches’ during the counting process that seemed to coincide with Biden swings. Some have even been caught on camera, votes are deducted from the Republican column, and added to the Democrat column during an update. These numbers are exact and look very suspicious. There are alleged programs called Hammer and Scorecard that can alter election outcomes, and there is suspicion they have been used in 2020.   

UPS workers have also come forward with stories of mail-in ballots being backdated so they could still be counted. Votes arriving on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of November may be affected. 

Many voting stations refused to allow Republican poll watchers anywhere near the counting process. This is very strange behaviour and suggests that certain counts may have been compromised. No signatures were matched, and the votes may be deemed illegal. 

Democratic election workers have taken to social media platforms and bragged of throwing out thousands of Trump votes without any legal justification.  

So what happens next? Trump is a fighter. Rumours suggest he is putting together a crack team of lawyers, statisticians, and IT experts to comb through the results and challenge the irregularities. Much relies on messaging. Trump must not appear to be motivated by sour grapes. He must force the nation to consider that perhaps the US election process is flawed, outdated, and makes the efforts of Zimbabwe look world-class. 

The media continue to play their role in the heist, fawning over the Biden ‘victory’ as a world-changing event that will benefit humanity. It must be said that anyone still watching and believing mainstream news is a damn fool. As a keen student of brainwashing techniques, the efforts of the current crop of ‘journalists’ are truly epic in proportion. The same sources that screamed 2016 Russian interference are now completely blind to possible 2020 irregularities.  

I estimate that the 2020 election is not yet completed. Hold all tickets punters, this may take some time to play out. Don’t write Trump off just yet, he still has some moves at his disposal.

There has also been some very curious betting action on Kamala Harris to be the next president. Ponder that eventuality for a minute. We know Biden is not a healthy man, and there must be something fuelling this move.   

As always, don’t believe any single source. Anyone can be wrong or biased. Read widely. Separate the wheat from the chaff and stay informed. 

G G Novack – Political Fraud Investigator

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