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The Battle for the Soul of America Rages Silently On

The Battle for the Soul of America Rages Silently On

Just behind the curtain that obscures the inner workings of the political machinery, a fierce battle rages for the soul of America. We catch occasional glimpses of the conflict via the words of ‘retired’ former military and espionage people who claim to have access to the front lines via their networks of ‘sources’. Nothing is certain to outsiders and the claims are grandiose and push the boundaries of belief. They are, however, supported by serious legal people who have their reputations on the line and will appear very foolish if proven false. 

The major claim presently circulating concerns an apparent raid in Frankfurt Germany. As the massive fraud of the 2020 election is slowly unravelled, and it becomes clear that both physical and digital fraud occurred, the German connection centres on the digital aspect of the scheme. It is widely known that US elections are extremely vulnerable to malfeasance, with data being routed offshore for counting and tabulation. According to the claims, the CIA has/had an outpost in Frankfurt that was used to manipulate election results across the world, including in the US. The post was attacked by a crack team of Department of Defence special forces who are loyal to Trump. A shootout occurred. One CIA operative was killed and five DOD members met with the same fate. These ‘Bourne Identity’ style claims are somewhat corroborated by official news that a CIA man was killed in recent days with reports claiming he was killed in Somalia, and more official reports that five army personnel were killed in a helicopter crash in Egypt. These would be the cover story for the highly classified material.        

Apparently the DOD forces prevailed and seized the servers that were used to manipulate the US election numbers to sweep Joe Biden to victory. Whether information of such sensitivity would ever be made officially public is unsure. The story has been included in lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell, a very highly respected lawyer and prosecutor who is fighting on Trump’s behalf in a freelance capacity to have the election results overturned. Powell has filed suits in several contested states including Georgia and Wisconsin, and those that know her from legal circles are adamant that she would not risk her career and reputation unless she was certain of her information. When asked by a journalist to confirm stories of the raid, she did but was unsure at the time whether the good guys or bad guys had secured the all-important servers. 

Much of the unofficial election fraud coverage tells a story of white hats within the government apparatus battling corrupt deep state actors across various departments. The Department of Justice has been conspicuously absent from the fraud investigations, suggesting they were on the side of the evil forces. Also absent is Attorney General Bill Barr and the FBI. Voting machines and fraudulent ballots should have been impounded weeks ago. Arrests should have been made. Doors should have been kicked in and fraudsters dragged out in their pyjamas. Trump and his tiny team of lawyers and the DOD loyalists may be fighting the rest of the US government single-handedly.     

Further muddying the waters are corrupt judges and Republican politicians who are desperate to be rid of Trump and his swamp-draining ambitions. The Washington mire is a deep and treacherous blight on the nation, and efforts to cleanse it have proven largely ineffective. Trump does also have an army of almost 80 million voters at his back, the vast majority of whom believe the election was stolen. They are not happy about it. Trump is proving to be the people’s champion, a Goliath-like figure who is battling on their behalf. This army is motivated like never before and is piling enormous pressure on corrupt officials. They continue to hold rallies, spread the word, and berate officials of all stripes and affiliations. According to true election numbers that strip out the fraudulent activity, Trump won 2020 by a veritable landslide that swept the nation red by a margin of about 10 million votes. 

So how does this one play out? If the Frankfurt story is correct and Trump has the goods we can expect a quiet Biden surrender. Most interestingly, the struggling 78 year old was recently admitted to a health facility after breaking bones in his foot, while “playing with his dog Major”. Right. He will be seen wearing a moon-boot in coming weeks, similar to those worn by Hillary Clinton and John McCain following rumours of behind the scenes prosecutions for crimes too shocking to enter the public domain. If the Frankfurt story is a falsehood, Trump still has numerous paths to a second term. Lawsuits are being heard across the country. He has a favourable Supreme Court at his disposal, and state officials are increasingly reluctant to certify patently fraudulent election results. If states do not certify, the president is elected by Congress on a one-state one-vote basis. This would theoretically go Trump’s way if Republicans voted along party lines. 

The fight continues. The outcome is far from clear, but we can be assured that Trump will not surrender. The president is utterly convinced he was cheated at the polls. His resolve has not waivered, and he will not go quietly into the night. The people elected a bare-knuckle bruiser to represent them, and he is fighting accordingly. Whether there was a firefight in Frankfurt or not, the evidence for fraud is overwhelming. Hundreds of witnesses have come forward and sworn under oath that they saw the greatest electoral heist ever attempted. While the mainstream press, which is in full propaganda mode, continues with their stories of Trump’s “baseless claims” the public mood has shifted. American patriots are standing up, because this is it, the moment of truth. The Democrats are not the party of Jimmy Carter. They intend to radically re-shape US society. Everything is on the table, liberty, the constitution, the right to bear arms, free speech, mandated vaccinations, and the right to a free and fair election. The beast has been awakened, and 80 million Trump supporters might see this mission through.

G G Novack – Political Pundit

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