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Who Wins the 2020 Election – Did the Epic Heist Succeed

Who Wins the 2020 Election – Did the Epic Heist Succeed

2020 Election

The 2020 election campaign has been like no other political event.

It will deliver a history-defining outcome with profound consequences for the entire planet. Hang onto your seat folks. This bumpy ride is far from over.  

It’s truly remarkable that the major parties have presented an old white man to represent them in 2020. This will never occur again. It’s even more remarkable that the Democrats chose Joe Biden as their champion. Win, lose or draw, Biden will be remembered as the worst candidate to run in the history of the republic. Every passing day sees him mired further in corruption allegations that should see him in prison, possibly on charges of treason. 

It was always going to be a challenge to convince the American public that Biden was a viable candidate, but they certainly gave it a shot. The fading politician was consigned to his basement for the majority of the campaign, communicating via Zoom like so many housebound administrators and middle managers. He appeared to read scripted answers to scripted questions without vigour or passion. His handlers called a media ‘lid’ most days of the campaign, normally around 9:30 AM. That meant no more media interactions for the day. Mr. Biden was done. 

The campaign featured two debates. The first was a royal shamozzle that descended into a one-sided Trump onslaught of hectoring and interruptions. Political pundits turned those noses up in disgust at the debasement of the spectacle, but Latino voters loved the sight of a full-throated political conjecture and resoundingly awarded the contest to Trump.

Biden almost certainly wore an earpiece to prevent him from confusing thousands with millions, and millions with billions, and survived without any diabolical gaffes. He had form as a debate bully himself, as evidenced by his VP encounter with Paul Ryan. On that occasion, the Democrat was the interrupter. Biden scoffed at Ryan throughout and treated him like a foolish upstart who required schooling in the art of political jousting. 

The second debate was a more cordial evening. Microphones were muted when required and the contestants respected the rules. Trump forced Biden to disown the Green New Deal, fossil fuels, and even the Obama/Biden administration. Trump emerged as a businessman, a wheeler and dealer who could get things done. Biden staggered out looking like a career politician who had promised much during his 47 years in Washington, but delivered very little in the way of tangible results. 

The next campaign event was a potentially pivotal one. The misplaced laptops of Hunter Biden emerged with damning, contemptible, and criminal contents. Hunter Biden emerged as crackhead, degenerate, paedophile, and bagman for the Biden Crime Family. The mainstream news buried the story beneath 15 feet of pure white snow, big tech censored it, and deep state players denounced the entire episode as Russian disinformation.

It emerged that multiple FBI investigations into the Biden clan had been running for over a year, the primary focus being money laundering. That this government body had sat silently on the damning evidence in their possession was another treasonable offense. 

Despite Biden’s glaringly obvious deficiencies, polls had him 10 points in front for the entirety of the campaign. Polling data genius Nate Silver, who had his knuckles rapped in 2016 had Biden at 90%, while other independent number crunchers like the Trafalgar Group had the result at coin-flip odds. As the election date drew near, Biden was forced to emerge from the basement and face the music. The tune was not good. He invented new words with every speech, but the media kindly edited those portions from existence, and careful camera positioning obscured the tiny, unenthusiastic crowds gathered in empty parking lots. 

The Trump campaign was the polar opposite. The president addressed massive rock-concert style crowds across the battleground states, working tirelessly with up to five rallies per day. One such event in Pennsylvania drew approximately 57,000 supporters who braved freezing conditions to wave flags, chant ‘4 more years’, and have a history-making night to remember. 

So, in a post-facts world, what are we to believe? Are the polls correct, and do we trust our own eyes and instincts? Trump voters make a sport of lying to pollsters, but many Democrats voted early before the laptop detonated, and that might drag Biden across the line. If Biden is elected, I command you to sell your house, find a betting agency, and place your life saving AGAINST Biden serving out his first term. This will not occur. This will not occur for so many reasons.

Kamala Harris has been introduced too many times as ‘the next president’, there have been too many other revealing Freudian slips, and Biden is old, weak, cognitively impaired, and has sold his soul and nation to the Chinese Communist Party. He is an empty vessel. A mild sniffle away from calling it a mortal day.

However, having studied this campaign with uncommon forensic zeal, G G Novack is declaring the result for Trump. This is not a sell-your-house bet, but confidence is high. It may be a landslide, or the result may trickle in across a few days, but the polls are wrong my friends. Unless there is wide-scale Democrat cheating, which is to be expected, Trump will be returned.

There will be riots and looting and much gnashing of teeth. Windows will be smashed, cop cars set alight. Blue haired women will scream at the sky. Celebrities will threaten to move to Canada or New Zealand. CNN anchors will weep openly on live television, but life will go on. The FBI and CIA will be gutted like landed fish. Charges will be laid, crime families rounded up, but there will be no immediate civil war. Americans will choose optimism over fear.

Trump will secure a record number of black and Latino votes, he’ll win Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. He might even come close in New York, which is a dystopian hell-hole these days. The Great Reset will be defeated. The NWO will focus their evil agendas on Europe, which will go into lockdown as personal freedoms are trampled under booted feet. Intelligent observers will celebrate the Trump victory with a glass of wine.

Enjoy your election outcome friends. Stay safe. Remain vigilant. Oust the fake news media. Ditch the communist education system. It’s time to live free and uninterrupted by left-wing tyranny. 

G G Novack – Exhausted Political Analyst 

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