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The Peasants Fight Back – Beware the Pendulum of History

The Peasants Fight Back – Beware the Pendulum of History

The peasants are revolting, and the pendulum of history is on their side.

Almost half the American population believes the 2020 election was ‘possibly determined by fraud’. The word ‘possibly’ is important to the story. It’s hard to be certain, because despite the hundreds of witnesses that swore under oath that they saw electoral fraud with their very eyes, and despite the overwhelming evidence of mathematicians and statisticians that argue that Joe Biden could not have won without fraudulent assistance, such accusations have never been tested in a court of law. Cowardly judges right up to the Supreme Court washed their hands of the many cases presented, and who can blame them. To hear a case that might overturn the 2020 election outcome would be akin to volunteering to a lifetime of death threats and intimidation. 

Many witnesses have faced such a backlash for merely testifying in front of state legislative bodies. Jovan Pulitzer, who famously hacked into a Dominion voting machine in real time while on the stand at such a hearing, had his house sprayed with gunfire while his children slept in the days that followed. He now requires 24 hour armed protection. The foot soldiers on the far left have been brainwashed to believe they are fighting Nazis, and that Trump is Hitler, and that killing a few witnesses is a reasonable price to pay. 

So what happens when half a nation is inclined to conclude that their country has been stolen via fraud? It becomes almost ungovernable. Joe Biden is yet to appear in public, has not faced the press, and will be jeered should he ever venture outdoors. He sits in an office and signs executive orders, almost blindly. That’s the sum of his presidency thus far. He struggles to speak and is incapable of putting a pen inside a pocket. He’s a 78 year old empty shell who doesn’t know the difference between 300 and 300 million. His family is known to be compromised. 

Videos posted to the White House website such as the Biden inauguration have been met with such hostility that the comments and likes sections have been disabled. Joe Biden does not have a mandate to do anything, let alone govern a divided and faltering empire. His broken election promises are piling up by the hour, and many who did vote for Biden are experiencing extreme buyer’s remorse.  Where are the stimulus checks that were promised to go out as a matter of highest priority? Why is Biden closing oil pipelines? What happened the $15/hr minimum wage?

Kamala Harris, his seeming replacement, is as popular as a napalm milkshake. She ran 5th in a Democratic primary in her home state. She failed to achieve any traction whatsoever before slinking out of the primary race in disgrace. A Harris presidency will prove no more popular than a Biden one. 

It’s not surprising that the illegitimate Biden administration now hides behind barbed wire fences and entire squadrons of heavily armed troops. Either the US is secretly under martial law, or the Biden team is gripped by paranoia. A guilty conscience is a formidable opponent. 

Republican officials are already fighting back against Biden’s unprecedented slew of executive orders by challenging their validity in the courts. Texas leads the charge, unsurprisingly, taking umbrage at Biden’s plans to open the nation’s borders to all-comers. Such counter moves are likely to multiply, as opposition forces become emboldened and organised.   

Fightbacks against illegitimate power have also engulfed Wall Street. Tech-savvy kids have joined forces to cripple the smartest financial minds in the world, hedge fund managers that dominate and exploit stock markets as a matter of routine. The billionaires have received a dose of their own medicine as the peasants increasingly realize the power lies with them.  

People are waking up like never before. Aided by a growing distrust in the lies peddled by the mainstream media, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to everyday folk that the world is rigged against them. Elections are stolen in the dead of night. Corrupt and compromised puppets can be installed against the wishes of the electorate. Otherwise viable companies can be shorted into oblivion so white-collar criminals can purchase a third yacht. And the most reckless Wall Street gamblers can always rely on taxpayer bailouts should their bets unravel like the 2008 housing crisis. 

But the pendulum of history is on the side of the populace. The dispossessed will eventually rise and fight back. Whether they are leaving nasty comments on a Youtube video of a fake president or plowing $100 into the stock market to contribute to a short squeeze that routs some vulture capitalist, the downtrodden will find a way. You can’t fool all the people all the time, no matter how slick your propaganda machine appears. 

Joe Biden will never travel the nation and speak at open-air rallies to crowds of supporters. He engenders no enthusiasm with any sector of the population. The short sellers are on notice. The lies of the media get more desperate by the day. People are realizing that the ‘smart’ crowd that occupies the apex of the pyramid are in fact fraudulent idiots. The emperor has no clothes. And the panic can be seen in the whites of his eyes.   

G G Novack – Political Pundit, Peasant With a Pen 

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