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Pay No Attention To The Mysterious Man Behind The Curtain

Pay No Attention To The Mysterious Man Behind The Curtain

One of the most telling scenes in cinematic history occurs when Dorothy and her ragtag gang get to see the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. To the shock of all concerned, including the viewer, the all powerful wizard is revealed to be a fraud, a humbug, and a very bad man operating a flimsy control panel. He’s old, grey, confused, and relies on a microphone to amplify his voice. The scene occurs after the wizard has broken a promise and the gang is enraged enough to summon their courage and demand answers. When initially exposed, the wizard attempts to maintain his charade of omnipotence. A separate voice tells us in an official tone to, ‘pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’. But it’s too late. We have seen the truth. There can be no going back. 

The world is experiencing a great awakening. Trust in the propaganda peddled by the mainstream media is evaporating, and the masses are currently peeking behind all manner of curtains. Elections are fraudulent. The stock market is rigged. The ridiculous ‘speaking fees’ delivered to future officials such as Janet Yellen by Wall Street firms are bribes paid in advance. Politicians are incompetent fools determined to enrich themselves at the taxpayer’s expense. They pass legislation that is thousands of pages long and designed to hide vast payments to mysterious off-shore bodies that taxpayers have never heard of. Many politicians are blackmailed by intelligence agencies and foreign powers and do exactly as they are told. All intelligence agencies have gone rogue, assuming they were ever committed to good. Justice is a relative notion based on wealth and influence. 

We live in a time when dissenting voices are erased and silenced. Unpopular opinions and those that hold them are cancelled. Science is manipulated and delivers the outcomes desired by its paymasters. A mild virus can be used to crush the middle class, destroy small businesses, lock healthy people in their homes, and mandate experimental medication. An elite few call the shots, as evidenced by world leaders of all political affiliations spontaneously parroting the same lines about a Great Reset, and the need to Build Back Better. Who is writing these lines? Why are they uniformly adopted? What do they mean?         

Social media platforms are the frontline in the information wars that attempt to manipulate and control the masses. Twitter can silence a sitting president. It can delete 70,000 accounts that mention the words ‘election fraud’. Facebook selects the ‘news’ we see and attempts to influence our opinions based on Mark Zuckerberg’s world view. Google is a biased player that harvests and sells our data to the highest bidder so we can be bombarded with focussed advertising. YouTube deletes and demonetised opinions that are contrary to its ‘terms and conditions’. The curtain is real. Our reality is controlled and distorted. 

So, where will this great awakening take us? Hopefully it is just the beginning. Retail investors are fighting back against Wall St. Voters are demanding election transparency and audits. Millions of Americans read a 5500 page piece of stimulus legislation that dispersed billions of taxpayer dollars to vague, unknown entities around the globe and therefore discovered how Washington operates. Joe Biden is widely considered a fraudulent pariah. Alternative platforms are springing up. Protonmail encrypts emails so they may not be scanned by third parties. New media sources are taking hold. Those in positions of power will only lift their game when carefully scrutinised. We get the governments we deserve. Now is the time to get active and hold our leaders to account. We have glimpsed behind the curtain. There can be no return. 

G G Novack – Political Pundit

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