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The Audacious Joe Biden Heist Continues as the 2020 Election Stakes Get Higher

The Audacious Joe Biden Heist Continues as the 2020 Election Stakes Get Higher

Joe Biden Election Heist

The heist of the century is still on folks. The 2020 election is like an audacious smuggling operation.

Joe Biden, a cognitively impaired 77 year old who struggles to answer simple questions, is being smuggled into the White House by unseen forces. Avoiding scrutiny is crucial to the plan, and Biden has been hunkered down since his presidential nomination. He seemingly emerges only to participate in entirely scripted events that pose no danger of exposure. It’s been months since he gave one of his legendary rambling monologues. These days a look of sheer panic clouds his face when an answer is not clearly written on his trusty, ever-present teleprompter.  

Meanwhile, his election opponent is out campaigning. Trump has crisscrossed the republic, recently addressing enthusiastic, flag-waving crowds in Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Biden’s ability to pull such a crowd remains entirely untested. His tepid popularity might be half the reason for his very limited public schedule to date. The Trump base on the other hand seems lively, prepared to travel to support their champion, and this enthusiasm may prove decisive on election day.  

The presidential debates promise to be extremely enlightening, and critical to the election outcome, should Biden honour his commitment to attend. Trump is no slouch on the debating front, having comfortably demolished all-comers in 2016. Biden handlers are extremely concerned their heist might be undone when their man finally encounters the first hint of resistance. Joe Rogan has offered to moderate an additional debate, just Trump, Biden, and Rogan locked in a futuristic pod/studio for 4 hours. Trump was quick to accept. There is still no word from the Biden camp.

Unlike previous elections, that pitted one grey company man versus another, the 2020 event provides voters with a stark historic decision. With left-wing rioting, looting, and violence sweeping many blue states and cities, law and order have been promoted to the most important issue. The prospect of having your city burnt by lawless mobs, and being pulled from your vehicle by vengeful anarchists tends to sharpen the focus that way. 

Trump’s Election Agenda

Trump is running on a largely traditional conservative agenda, but supporting police officers has an added dimension when loud calls to defund those in blue ring out. Race relations are currently at boiling point, civil war seems possible, and police officers are being gunned down while seated in their vehicles. Unsurprisingly, nationwide Police Unions have thrown their weight behind the Trump campaign, while Democrats refuse to condemn the war on those in blue. 

Trump has bolstered his re-election credentials with a string of unexpected peace deals between former sworn enemies in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The Norwegians were impressed enough to nominate Trump for the Nobel Prize, twice. The prospect of a Trump award contrasts starkly with the Obama presentation. At that point, Obama had just been elected, and his contribution to world peace was nonexistent. He simply was.

Trump has also brought US troops home from foreign hotspots, and confronted hawks in the Pentagon about their relentless appetite for international conflicts. Former Pentagon officials have a long history of securing extremely well-paid jobs for weapons manufacturers, and this cronyism has not gone unnoticed by the President. Not since Dwight Eisenhower has a US leader dared to confront the Military Industrial Complex. 

Domestically Trump has taken on the all-powerful pharmaceutical industry, the most profligate of Washington lobbyists. Drug prices will be drastically cut for all Americans, a move that should prove universally popular. Trump is amassing a sizeable list of achievements that compares most favourably when compared to Biden’s returns as a 47 year Washington veteran. The president continues to attack the mainstream media with success. Given their ability to stand in front of burning federal buildings, surrounded by violent anarchists, and declare they are attending a peaceful protest, it’s difficult to argue that the mainstream press is not the enemy of the people.     

Polls still favour Biden, but betting markets have the match evenly poised. Seasoned political gamblers are aware that Trump supporters are notoriously shy in expressing their opinions, particularly in battleground states. Votes against a candidate are also generally less enthusiastic than those voting for a candidate. Biden fails to engender bursting enthusiasm in any demographic, and uncommitted voters might be busy washing their hair on November 3. There might be a chill in the air. Queues might be lengthy. Plenty of other people will vote the right way. 

So will the election heist succeed? Rumours emerge from the Biden camp that paints a candidate who has good days wherein he is lucid and coherent, and bad days when the press is politely asked to leave him alone. The ‘journalists’ understand the Biden situation and silently acquiesce. The same rumours tell of new drugs being administered that have improved Biden’s mental state, but unfortunately exacerbated his incontinence issue, leading to very frequent trips to the bathroom, and the wearing of senior’s undergarments to save him from embarrassing public moments. 

Betting markets still have a Trump vs Harris contest priced into calculations. It would prove no surprise should the ambitious heist elude the Democratic Party’s brains trust. There must exist a core of operatives who remain confident they can smuggle Biden through to November, stumble across the finish line, nurse him through the first six months of 2021, and then have him stand aside for medical reasons.

At that point, a competent individual would assume the position. The republic would be extremely vulnerable during those interim months, like a captain-less ship drifting in troubled waters. Harris is obviously being prepped should the heist fall apart before November and her services be required early. She might be more inclined than Biden to venture outdoors, answer questions, speak off the cuff, engage with voters, and make rational sounding arguments.   

The first official debate, set for Sept 29, will be a massive hurdle for the would-be smugglers. It will be edge-of-your-seat material. We can be sure that Biden will be wearing a dark suit.  

Get the popcorn ready folks, entertainment doesn’t get much real than this. 

G G Novack – Political Pundit    

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