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The Media Establishment Faces Its Moment of Truth – Hunter Biden’s Laptops

The Media Establishment Faces Its Moment of Truth – Hunter Biden’s Laptops

The Media Establishment Faces Its Moment of Truth - Hunter Biden Laptop

Will the allegedly explosive contents of Hunter Biden’s laptops sway the 2020 election?

When an establishment is attempting to smuggle a manifestly corrupt and physically incapable nominee into the White House in what is best described as The Heist of the Century, there are bound to be some hurdles. In recent days, a significant hurdle was encountered, and the repercussions spread far wider than the 2020 political contest.  

The story is just too fanciful to be fake. The son of a presidential nominee drops off three laptops at a repair store. Contained on the devices is evidence of an extraordinarily damning nature. A litany of eye-opening emails, text messages, compromising photographs that depict drug use and other blatantly criminal actions, and communication trails that depict corrupt dealings involving foreign powers. The contents were forwarded to the FBI in late 2019, but it was not until they reached the hands of Rudy Giuliani that the story broke and splashed across the front page of the New York Post

The backlash was swift and potent. The NY Post had their Twitter account frozen, as did other serious pundits who reported on the laptop story. Big Tech sought to erase the episode from reality, thereby blowing their cover as key heist participants. Facebook followed suit in suppressing the story with all their technological might.

Mainstream Media players took the omerta route, and the explosive story was nowhere to be seen on any of the major news networks. A familiar line-up of current and former members of the bureaucracy, the Deep State as some like to call it, were wheeled out to extinguish the possible spot fire, advising the public that the narrative had all the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence plot. The FBI was later forced to admit that the emails on the laptop were genuine, and the whole event was not a Russian plot.     

Hunter Biden is a serious handicap to his father’s candidacy. Biden Jr. is a man of questionable character, infamous for entering a romantic relationship with his brother’s widow, only to cheat on the widow with a stripper, impregnate the stripper, deny paternity, before being legally established as the father and forced to pay his bills. There were unconfirmed rumours that he also attempted to seduce the widow’s teenage daughter, his niece, and more is set to emerge regarding this.

Hunter Biden’s battles with drug addiction are well documented, and among the laptop photos are pictures of him sleeping with a crack pipe dangling from his lips and another allegedly shows him snorting a white powder from the naked derriere of a very young woman. Other material appears to allegedly depict sexual contact with minors, some of it in the US and depicting a Biden relative, other content allegedly involving very young Chinese girls produced in China and possibly being held by the Communist government. This disturbing content has been forwarded to the Delaware Police Department. We await their response. 

The ability of the mainstream media to make a story disappear is a development right out of Orwell’s 1984. The novel’s protagonist is employed to change old newspaper articles. This notion of controlling the past to direct the future is widely accepted. The situation we now face is a level of control beyond anything witnessed in the free world.

The mainstream media, including the big social platforms, are attempting to rewrite current events. They are erasing specific events. If it is not shown on CNN, it did not happen. This method of suppression is especially powerful due to the ‘information silo’ effect. Conservatives watch Fox and read Breitbart and the New York Post. Progressives watch CNN, MSNBC, and read the New York Times. Balanced journalism is a distant memory. Americans are segregated into their respective silos based on their worldview and political leanings. Democrat voters do not watch Fox. 

It’s hard to imagine where this story of the misplaced laptops goes from here. In a world where justice and sanity ruled, the plan to smuggle Joe Biden into the White House would be over. Hunter Biden would be arrested for his alleged crimes. There would be a thorough investigation into the extent to which the family is compromised and how that affected Joe Biden’s time in public life. But the world is a crazy place. 2020 is not a normal year. Wars rage just behind the curtain. Occasionally we get a peek of the action. 

Who will prevail? Who knows? Stay tuned. 

G G Novack – Political Correspondent, Behind the Curtain Watcher              

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