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The Deep State Reveals Itself – Who Runs America?

The Deep State Reveals Itself – Who Runs America?

The Deep State Reveals Itself

There is much talk of a ‘deep state’ in conspiracy circles.

The term effectively refers to a collective of bureaucrats and officials who remain in their positions for so long that their influence comes entrenched. These officials come to wield more power than political leaders, who come and go every few years and basically do as they are told.

An American president is dependent on a range of advisers from all spheres of government – health, foreign affairs, security, law and order, and economics. It’s simply not possible for a new president to arrive in Washington with a fully formed team of experts across all fields. The newcomer will be reliant upon Washington insiders and must take much of the advice he/she receives at face value. 

If a terrorism expert advises that a group of enemies is gathering in a North African country, and drones need to be sent to blow them up, what are the new president’s options? Fly some of his people to the terrorist hot spot to verify the threat? Cross check the information with other world leaders? Or trust his advisers who have been ‘terrorism experts’ for decades across multiple previous administrations? The advisers tell the president he must act immediately, so authorization is given for the strike and a village in Sudan is destroyed.  

When COVID-19 hit the US a team of top health officials advised president Trump that 2 million Americans could be expected to die from the virus. The experts produced graphs based on their highly technical modelling. Again, what can a president do, gamble with millions of lives, get a second opinion, ignore the advice, wait a few months to see how the situation plays out? Vladimir Putin is on the record saying that American presidents don’t run the country, a group of men in dark suits make all the decisions that matter.

The Hunter Biden laptop story should be the biggest news story of the year. The contents of that device literally have the power to change history. They provide unmistakable proof that Hunter Biden is a compromised, paedophile, drug addict who accepted tens of millions in corrupt payments from foreign entities, a portion of which were set aside for the ‘big guy’, his father Joe Biden, a man campaigning for president. The Bidens are a crime family that should be incarcerated for a very long time for their crimes. If the laptop belonged to a normal citizen, that person would be behind bars right now. But, as George Carlin said of elite circles, “It’s a big club, and you and I ain’t in it.”  

The suppression of the laptop story was swift and decisive. While the FBI has been sitting on the device since 2019, it was not until the New York Post ran a front-page story in Oct 2020 that the public became aware of the scandal. Twitter immediately blocked the Post. Mainstream media organisations took the silent route, ignoring the story completely.

When it began to gain a little traction the Deep State revealed itself for all to see. Fifty current and former security experts, CIA, FBI, and assorted intelligence folk put their name to a document that dismissed the laptop story as having all the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation. The Russians were up to their old tricks, meddling with American elections, spreading disinformation to sway the result in a particular direction. 

This is the deep state at work. Biden is their man. They will sacrifice their credibility to get him across the line. The Russian disinfo theory was soon proven false. The photos, videos, and emails are real. For those that don’t believe in wide-scale conspiracies, the coordinated actions of the media, FBI, and big tech is a compelling study in coincidences. The fifty security experts acted in lockstep unison. Every news network except Fox buried the story. So many different groups, all singing from the same song sheet to suppress the biggest scandal to hit American politics just weeks from a history-defining election.

The deep state exists. Donald Trump is an outsider. He does not follow the Washington rules. He’s extremely suspicious of the class of entrenched experts that have long been calling the shots. Trump is expected to fire the heads of the FBI and CIA should he secure a second term. He’s recently signed a law that made it infinitely easier to fire public officials. The second Trump term would see him clean house. The gloves would come off.

As Ted Nugent said, “If you’re a bad guy, your days are numbered. The time has come to drain that toxic swamp.”

G G Novack – Political Correspondent          

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