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Whatever Happened to QAnon – Psyop, Distraction, Diversion, Hoax?

Whatever Happened to QAnon – Psyop, Distraction, Diversion, Hoax?

The QAnon movement emerged from the obscurity of anonymous message board 4chan in October 2017. It developed into a compelling narrative that came to attracted millions of followers across the globe. Message drops delivered half-coded breadcrumbs, links, and snippets of information that required further research. People were mesmerised and word spread. 

The letter Q refers to a high level of government clearance. A government employee with Q level clearance would have access to classified material. The drops seemingly contained insider info that only an insider would know. 

Q informed the world that a plan was in operation to take down the satanic cabal that rules the world. The plan may have been running for decades, possibly since the JFK assassination. It was close to fruition and there would soon be mass arrests, military tribunals, and the guilty would be herded off to Guantanamo Bay or Gitmo as they like to call it. Aerial photos showed that extensions to the Gitmo prison complex were undertaken during the Trump administration. This was proof that Q was real, that there was a plan, and that the corrupt and treasonous would soon be held accountable.  

The appeal of Q is present in any good movie script. There is a conspiracy that needs to be unravelled. Good battles against evil. The tension builds and a dramatic conclusion awaits. Which way will it fall, who will prevail? In this case, the good guys or white hats were members of the US military who had decided to take their country back. Donald Trump had been chosen as an incorruptible outsider to lead the charge. Voting machines were unrigged to allow him to clinch the 2016 election from Deep State puppet Hillary Clinton. Now it was time to get to work, rooting out the evil networks and restoring the republic. Thousands of sealed indictments were ready to be unleashed. It was going to be glorious, the people would prevail against their wicked overlords.  

The movement gathered pace during the Trump presidency. People wore Q t-shirts and held up Q banners at political rallies. Administration staff such as Dan Scavino and Mike Pompeo seemingly confirmed Q drop info in their social media posts. The true fans dug deep, matching numbers across drops, adding letters of the alphabet to unearth codes and hidden insights. The mainstream media took notice of the growing movement and rolled out its big guns to discredit its fanciful nature. They ridiculed the stupidity of middle-class Americans who could be fooled by such a hoax. They attacked in unison, like trained dogs, as they do. They sought to tear Q down as though it posed a genuine threat. True believers were further emboldened by the attacks.   

The 2020 election was a giant sting operation. More evidence was required to ensure all the bad guys were prosecuted. The Deep State fell for the trap, rigging the outcome for Biden in key cities and states. The good guys were watching. They had access to every criminal keystroke via the all-seeing NSA. Computer servers were seized in Frankfurt Germany that showed a Trump landslide victory. The CIA was involved. It had rigged elections for years in other nations and had sophisticated programs that could electronically re-allocate votes. Credible lawyers such as Sidney Powell added weight to the story. General Michael Flynn was pardoned by Trump so he could re-enter the fight. Flynn knew where the bodies were buried. He gave a post-election interview to Alex Jones and declared he was 10/10 certain Trump would serve a concurrent second term. Fragments seemed to add up. Perhaps the fanciful Q tale was true. 

As the inauguration of Joe Biden drew closer the tension was palpable. Q went quiet, but the theories took a life of their own. Lawsuits contesting the election fraud had been locked out by the corrupt judiciary. Cowardly Republicans refused to object to the fraud. Q had long said that the military was the only way. Would the military pounce before the swearing in of fake president Biden, or on the day itself. Trump refused to concede election defeat, saying only that a peaceful transition would occur. 

January 20 approached. Mysterious blackouts hit Vatican City, parts of Pakistan and Iran, Paris, Berlin – all locations connected to the election fraud. Washington was ringed by steel. Tens of thousands of troops were mobilised across America. DC housed no less than 30,000 national guardsmen, thousands of whom were made deputy marshals with the power to arrest anyone. The military was now in control, the trap was set. 

The inauguration was a strange and hollow affair conducted in front of the smallest crowd in history – several hundred people perhaps. It was plagued by seeming irregularities. VP Harris was sworn in first. Biden lifted his hand from the Bible during his oath. Old footage appeared to be cut into the telecast. Was the event real? Where were the arrests? Was the plan delayed? 

Hope turned to despair for the millions of Q followers. They had trusted the plan. They had bet on the outcome. Biden would not become president. Predictions crashed and burned along with the reputations of those that claimed to have insider knowledge and contacts. 

New theories emerged. The corporation of the USA had been dissolved during 2019. Trump would be sworn in as the 19th president of the former republic. Biden was president of an entity that did not exist. Wait. Patriots were urged to hold the line and keep the faith. 

So where are we now? Q followers are in disarray. Most have turned their backs on the entire episode. They feel stupid and used. They had spread the word to their friends about the coming renewal of America, the mass arrests. They now feel like doomsayers that predicted the world would end yesterday. Only the hardiest of adherents remain. 

Back in the physical world, there is a strange fake feeling to the Biden presidency. The administration appears chaotic and dysfunctional. Biden is punching out Executive Orders with the haste of a tinpot dictator. He’s destroying American jobs at a furious pace, bowing to China and big pharma, and blindly signing documents that are pushed in front of him. Some of the documents appear to be blank pieces of paper. His cognitive decline is all too apparent. He struggles to put a pen into a suit pocket. Meanwhile, Trump is oddly silent while his flimsy impeachment plays out. Troops still fill DC. Is it over? Were millions of Q believers led on a wild goose chase? Were patriots side-lined during the battle for the White House because they were following the plan? Or is it simply playing out longer than expected?

Reports emerging from the Trump camp post-election were inconsistent with the Q narrative. Trump seemed torn between tough decisions regarding the Insurrection Act, martial law, and options to fight back against the election fraud. Close aides tried to keep Sidney Powell and others from the White House. There appeared no well-constructed plan that was years in the making. The inner circle seemed divided and confused.    

As a disinterested observer, the Q story contains elements that only someone with high-level access could know. We know there was extensive election fraud. General Flynn seems like a credible individual. The Biden inauguration was bizarre, and the events since have felt oddly fake. There must be government and military employees who are sickened by the corruption they witness. Elite paedophilia is real. Jeffrey Epstein hosted many members of the government, Hollywood, and the entertainment industry at his mansions and island. Governments are filled with the compromised and the blackmailed. Epstein got a pass at his initial prosecution because he was ‘intelligence’. JFK warned of secret societies and covert plots before his assassination. But is Q just too good to be true? The best lies contain elements of truth. 

As an upside of the Q phenomena, millions of people across the globe are waking up to the reality that the mainstream media is the enemy, a propaganda machine for the elite. Normal folks are researching and thinking for themselves. These are positive developments as the media and big tech attempt to impose their own false version of reality.   

The brilliant lawyer and political pundit Robert Barnes is a Q debunker. He is of the opinion that the US military is owned by the Deep State. We know that the swamp is deep and all pervasive. Whiles it’s becoming ever clearer that the Biden leadership appears doomed to imminent implosion, this will be of its own making rather than from mass arrests. It looks set to topple under the weight of its inexorable ineptitude and internal division. The Biden handlers cannot shield him from scrutiny indefinitely.  

There was real terror when Trump loomed as a potential 2016 election winner. Perhaps the second last word in this saga belongs to Hillary Clinton who eloquently said of Trump, “If that fucking bastard wins we all hang from nooses.” She is also quoted as saying, “If I get indicted, I’ll take half of DC with me.” One can only wonder which half.  

The final word belongs to Julian Assange, a man familiar with the inner workings of power and perhaps the most dangerous individual alive. “When all is finally exposed, 98% of Washington will fall.” 

Between Hillary’s 50% and Assange’s 98%, it’s safe to assume that the US government is a crooked and corrupt entity that needs to be hosed out with industrial-grade bleach.  

G G Novack – Political Pundit, Conspiracy Investigator           

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