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The Biden Presidency Early Scorecard – How the Heist is Playing Out

The Biden Presidency Early Scorecard – How the Heist is Playing Out

The Biden Presidency Early Scorecard - How the Heist is Playing Out

The Biden presidency is off to a calamitous start, which is hardly surprising given the fraudulent nature of its inception.

While it is early days into the Biden presidency, much has occurred so let’s examine the scorecard to determine how the Heist of the Century is playing out. 

When you steal an election, denying tens of millions of your countryfolk natural justice at the ballot box, you can expect significant opposition to emerge. While a large swathe of US voters are weak, apathetic, corpulent Coca-Cola drinkers who wallow in game-shows and other muddy pools of banality, this is not the ENTIRE electorate. Some Americans think for themselves, can count basic numbers, and can identify bullshit when it is served up as apple pie. 

This hardy club of free-thinking individuals can deduce that when 6 states simultaneously stop counting ballots in the small hours of the morning and return with mysterious vote spikes for one candidate that defies the very laws of mathematics, an election heist is underway. Those with their eyes open refuse to be brainwashed by the wanton obfuscation of the mainstream media, and are well aware that a fraudulently installed president is currently, blindly signing the mountain of Executive Orders that are placed in front of him.

So how do fraudulent administrations behave? Well, they tend to run on paranoia. They might secrete themselves behind large fences topped with barbed wire. They might surround themselves with thousands of hand-picked troops. They might purge government departments of possible dissenters. They will be jumpy and uncertain and lie repeatedly to cover their tracks. They will recite scripts and refuse to answer open questions. They might skip State of the Union speeches for no apparent reason. They will live in constant terror of being exposed. 

The Biden administration got off to an illogical start by cancelling the Keystone oil pipeline. The oil will now be shipped via slow and costly transportation methods jacking up prices for all Americans. Pipelines are efficient and effective. Once built they run 24/7 and pay for themselves. The country needs oil and it needs to be transported. Biden’s minders are merely pandering to radical environmental policies of the hard left and placating donors such as Warren Buffet who will benefit financially from the closure.   

The Southern US border is presently overrun with illegal immigrants. There are tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors being housed in cage-like structures. People smugglers are LOVING the open border policy and may just adopt Biden as their patron saint. More caravans on en route and this crisis will only continue to worsen in the days ahead. These would-be migrants must be housed, fed, and processed by a system already at breaking point. Private hotels have been booked at enormous expense. Makeshift structures have been erected under bridges. As exposed by Project Veritas and others, arrivals are sleeping on floors wrapped in foil blankets in dire third-world-like conditions. Weak borders are a very poor policy with huge ramifications. 

To say that the Biden Secretary of State got off to an inauspicious start would be to sell the man short. Antony Blinken and his hapless team were exposed as rank amateurs by the visiting Chinese detachment in Alaska at the Biden administration’s first diplomatic test. The Chinese were in no mood to be lectured by the failing republic and berated them extendedly with a torrent of insults. China emerged from the summit significantly closer to sole superpower status.

The calamitous Biden thought it wise to insult Vladimir Putin by calling him a soulless killer. The Russian leader calmly responded by wishing the frail and decrepit Biden ‘good health’, while challenging him to a live debate. Biden is in no state to debate anyone, let alone the chess-playing Judo black belt, and his team declined because Mister Teleprompter is ‘quite busy’. To solidify his standing as a robust and vigorous commander of the free world, Biden promptly fell up a flight of stairs three times while trying to board an airplane. The mishap was explained by citing the light breeze blowing at the time and the ‘tricky nature’ of the stairs.

Biden has stacked his team with war-mongers and lobbyists for the armaments industry, and it is only a matter of time before a Middle-Eastern country is invaded. Troop numbers have been bolstered in the Syrian quagmire, bombs have been dropped, and with a diversion needed ASAP. We can confidently expect increased US involvement in global conflicts, perhaps on an African battleground. Quiet whispers suggest that Nigeria is being considered as a possible candidate for some good old US intervention. This contrasts with the previous administration’s attempts to bring troops home from existing postings and start no new wars.   

Apart from that damning list of failures, the initial stage of the Biden administration has been progressing swimmingly. Biden’s guard dog bit a Secret Service officer. Biden strangely flew repeatedly on a plane other than Air Force 1. He also flew with VP Harris on board, a strict no-no given that a crash would render the nation leaderless. The nuclear football that is supposed to accompany the president at all times has not been sighted in weeks. VP Harris has been speaking to world leaders on the President’s behalf. Green-screen imagery has been presented to the world as real life footage of Biden wandering lifelessly about. His interactions with the press are halting and scripted. Biden is constantly shadowed by his wife or VP Harris who are ready to jump in and save his gaffes from spiralling too far out of control. 

At a time when the free world needs strong leadership, Joe Biden is incapable of working a full day and navigating minor physical obstacles. His mind and the republic are hanging by a thread, and both are fraying dangerously before our eyes.                             

G G Novack – Political Commentator

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